LOOK: Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde Spent A Weekend Date in Singapore

Always the low-key couple, any sighting of Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde together has fans immediately excited and kilig. So when it looked like Maine and Arjo might possibly be together in the same amusement park over the weekend, of course fans promptly began to investigate. The two posted on their respective Instagram accounts solo photos which both suspiciously had theme park-like backgrounds.



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Soon enough, fans who spotted the couple in Singapore’s Universal Studios began posting their photos with the two — and effectively confirming their weekend trip abroad!


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Many pointed out how the two were even adorably matching in twin white T-shirts. Fans who caught them in the theme park report that they seemed to be enjoying their time off together.


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While Maine and Arjo have not yet announced their relationship to be ‘official’, they have been spotted at more and more public events since confirming that they are dating. Arjo even famously declared his affection for Maine on live TV, promising: “I’m not going to mess this up. That’s how happy I am.”

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