Arjo Atayde on Maine Mendoza: “I’m not going to mess this up. That’s how happy I am.”

Arjo Atayde recently guested on Boy Abunda’s Tonight With Boy Abunda and of course, the hot topic of the night was his new relationship with actress, Maine Mendoza. One of the particularly hard-hitting questions was if the two had made things official yet. Despite Arjo’s reluctance to either confirm or deny whether Maine is his girlfriend, he still slipped in some very kilig inducing statements.

maine mendoza arjo atayde

To Tito Boy’s direct question of Maine being his girlfriend, Arjo replied:

 I would love to answer you, Tito Boy. But I’ll leave this with you: I’m happy with whatever we have right now. I’m super contented. I’m not going to mess this up. That’s how happy I am.

I mean no disrespect, but that’s all I can give you.

As of now, honestly speaking, we want to keep it to ourselves first. It’s not that we’re not considering to speak out sooner or later on. It might cause more damage if, you know.

He explained that he had to take into account what could happen if the couple spoke up on the subject. After being prodded with the question “If you say yes, what happens?”, Arjo clarified that it was the hate his family would receive that bothers him. While he can take the bashing thrown at him, he would like to protect his family members from the worst of it — some of them have already received death threats.

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Despite these troubles Arjo assures everyone that he and Maine are “just so happy. I start my day, all throughout the day, I’m talking to her.” When questioned how far he would go to fight for this happiness, he replied: “No matter what it takes.” 

Arjo may not have confirmed Maine to be his girlfriend, but he did promise not to ‘see’ any other girl. The cutest part? Tito Boy also threw him the hypothetical question: “If you were to marry a girl today and this is the last day of the world, the girl would be?” He bashfully smiled to himself before affirming: “Maine”.

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You can watch the whole interview below:

Do you ‘ship’ Maine-Arjo? Why or why not?