It’s Confirmed! Maine Mendoza is Officially Dating Arjo Atayde

The speculations have been going around for a while now and when Arjo Atayde revealed that he was dating Maine Mendoza, fans went into a frenzy.

Not everyone is a fan of the real life Maine-Arjo team-up, but many have also come to Maine’s defense saying she is free to choose who she wants to love. In a blog post dated March 3, 2019, Maine admitted that she has been seeing Arjo. “Again, without waiting any longer, here’s the statement and confirmation you have been waiting for: It’s true, I am dating Arjo.”

ArMaine 1

Maine explained that Arjo makes her happy, adding, “You might be waiting for an explanation as to why I chose him. Excuse me for saying this, but… why not?”

Maine Mendoza TikTok

She also shared that Arjo visited her family in Bulacan to formally meet her parents, and in which Arjo assured them that he only has good intentions for their daughter, Maine.

The two have been spotted a number of times in the past months, and Maine shares that she wanted to go out with Arjo so they could get to know each other better. She then turns to her fans and asks them to show some respect. “You may not be required to love the people around the person you idolize, but I don’t think it’s too much to show them at least some respect.”

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She also shared that she cannot be Yaya Dub forever. “Sadly, I cannot stay as Yaya Dub forever. This is Maine, the real me. And this is real life. And I cannot go on with my life behind a fictional character.”

“I know how you feel, believe me. I know you invested so much time, effort, and money on us just to show how much you love us and we really do try our best to make you feel that everything you did/do for us is much appreciated and treasured – that we love you dearly and all of you are special to our hearts, too..”

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She ended her post by thanking everyone and apologizing.