LOOK: Macao Imperial Now Has a Co-Working Space and Yes, You Can Get Free Milk Tea!

Words by Rianna Bernabe 

Whether you’re a professional of the highest caliber, implementing checks and balances, or still learning as a full-time student, we all have deadlines to meet, errands to run, expectations to exceed, and goals to achieve. With the incorrigible state of traffic in Manila, that would also mean rush hours to avoid.

Look no further, fellow busy millennials! Macao Imperial Tea has come up with a solution to make sure we remain productive despite the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. And of course, what better way is there to spoil your hardworking self than with some unlimited milk tea in free cute tumblers?!

107 Co-working by Macao Imperial Tea is the first of its kind and is strategically located in the University Belt. It is a forefront working space, blending an urban and international coffee experience in the Philippines.

Apart from providing a convenient place to study, the vibe of 107 Co-working is conducive to training, workshops, and other events. It encourages collaboration and building a community, as well as a network to co-work and to connect.

Unlike the usual co-working spaces you have probably encountered before, 107 Co-working offers something quite fresh to the streets of Dapitan. You can expect quality services–from high-speed WiFi connection to ample workspace. Excellent!

So what’s new? Forget the rowdy public area and socket hunger games, 107 Co-working is strictly for members only!

A daily membership costs only Php 250. This includes a whole day access to the workspace, WiFi, personal computer, scanner, printer, and telephone! Moreover, you get a free cup of brewed coffee and a 10% discount on all Macao Imperial Tea drinks. Talk about a fulfilling day!

If you have a full load in school this term or got assigned to a big project in the office that could take weeks to accomplish, the monthly membership is for you.

For Php 3,500, you get the same access as the daily membership for one whole month, plus the meeting rooms and lockers! Did we also mention that the entire third floor will be exclusive to you? It even has a designated smoking area! On top of that, you’ll receive Php 500 worth of consumable food and drinks. Free milk tea every time you work? Yes please!

Once you have absolutely fallen in love with your safe haven as a VIP co-worker, take your commitment to comfort, perfect lighting, free use of equipment, and cozy atmosphere even further with the yearly membership.

Never feel burdened with your workload again because, with a very affordable price of Php 35,000 a year, you get the same access as the monthly membership for 365 days, with complimentary mail handling, and Php 5,000 worth of consumable food and drinks!

From the minimalist interiors to the infamous Macao Imperial Tea teddy bear and art murals, 107 Co-working is a place you’ll always want to come back to. And who says VIP treatment is limited to one? Tell all your friends and officemates to become members too, but make sure to stay focused!

107 Co-Working by Macao Imperial Tea

1218 Pacific Suites, Dapitan St., Sampaloc Manila, Philippines


Instagram: @107coworking


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