LOOK: Lady Gaga is Starring in Her First Hollywood Movie—with Bradley Cooper!

Warner Bros. recently released the first image of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on the set of A Star is Born, their upcoming movie together. This movie is a first for many. Even though Lady Gaga is not new to acting (she’s been in two seasons of American Horror Story), this is the pop singer’s debut on the big screen. As for Bradley Cooper, who is starring alongside Lady Gaga in this film, this is also his directorial debut.

Check out the image shared by Warner Bros. below.

After the announcement of Warner Bros., Lady Gaga took to her own Instagram to share the photo.

She writes:

I am so excited to star in my first movie alongside someone I’m so lucky to call my friend. I always wanted to be an actress on the big screen. The story of “A Star is Born” is so special and I’m so grateful to Bradley for making my dream come true. Can’t wait for you to meet Ally. She has her first scene in 5….

According to the film’s synopsis on IMDB, A Star is Born is about a movie star (played by Bradley Cooper) “who helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.” A Star is Born hits the theaters on the second half of 2018.

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