LOOK: Kim Chiu Receives Her Gold YouTube Play Button!

Kim Chiu has finally received her gold YouTube play button for reaching 1 Million subscribers on her vlogging channel!

Kim shared her happy photos holding her golden plaque on Instagram and wrote a message of gratitude to all her fans.

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She began her post with a narration of how she started her channel in the first place.

“The first time someone told me to open a YouTube channel I always say ‘nah IG story is enough, for my hello everybody,'” she said. “But all of a sudden [there are] these few people saying they enjoy watching my IG stories, [that] it makes them smile or gives them positivity, then [after] months of thinking finally I said yes ‘OK lets give this a try.'”

She continued: “At first I was hesitant coz 15sec of IG story is different from minutes of [a] YouTube video. I was afraid of what other people may think or how I can showcase my vlog. The first year was tough and I lost interest [in] doing it. I really don’t know how so I stopped.”

However, she decided to start again this year after gaining inspiration from other YouTubers.

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“After watching several YouTubers’ videos I realized that you just have to be yourself, have fun and most especially be friends with your camera!!! So that’s what I did and here we are now,” she shared.

“Born from a reality show I never thought that I can still share my life with everyone after, aside from the roles that I did from my movies and soap operas, having this kind of platform paved [the] way [to] the real me sharing my life with you all. I want to inspire people with my videos, share the memories I had and bring you to places I have been. Cheers to many more vlogs to come!!!” she added.

She then expressed her gratitude to her fans. “THANK YOU FOR MAKING this try WORTHWHILE.”

It was only in March when Kim got her first Silver play button for reaching 100,000 subscribers.

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Congratulations on your achievement, Kim!

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