LOOK: Here are Some Ways You Can Wear Your Dad’s Clothes

If you’re part of the majority of children who have made fun of their dad’s clothing choices at least once in their lives; then, hey, join the club. Although admittedly, there must have been some reason why they bought that weird polo, right?

In an effort to understand that reasoning, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could create outfits from my dad’s closet that would both a) actually fit me and b) fit my taste.

After six long hours of trial, error, and eventually, triumph; I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Outfit #1: The Oversized Shirt

It’s an age old trick: get an oversized shirt and wear it as a dress. On its own, it’s a pretty simple piece of advice, but what really made me fall in love with this outfit was the effortless vintage effect.

I don’t know where my dad got this polo, but it’s reminiscent of one of those 80s bowling commercials I saw on YouTube once. Naturally, I was hooked the moment I saw it. Safe to say, with his belt doing wonders at accentuating my waist, this outfit was a strike.

Outfit #2: The Graphic Tee

I once told myself I was never going to wear a graphic tee after my (thankfully) brief affair with them in 2012, but I also never imagined wanting to trade wardrobes with my dad, so I guess there’s a first for everything.

The sleeves were a little long for me, but two inch rolls helped make sure I didn’t shrink into the tee too much. I knew its design would clash with the patterned pencil skirt I planned to pair it with, so I strapped on a plain silk bralette that perfectly balanced out the tight-to-baggy ratio. And just as I had hoped; despite the differences between my plaid bottoms and his tartan cap, the two matched in perfect striped harmony.

Outfit #3: Earthy Colors

Earthy colors are in this season, so this tan linen button down was just beckoning me to take it from its rod and wear it. Who was I to resist?

I took a thin white bodycon mini-dress and paired it with some loose off-white linen pants. The light taupe crop top was the stand-out piece that my dad’s button down locked in with its similar color scheme. Warm tones for the cold season? Now that’s cool.

Outfit #4: Satin Trousers

When I first laid eyes on my dad’s satin trousers, I knew that there was no way they would fit me. But the heart wants what it wants; so I took a chance on it and, lo and behold, with the right belt, it slipped on like a glove.

To keep with the cool tones, I took a netted blue cover-up that I snipped into a crop top a while back and paired it with a black halter top that I wore backwards to match the silver zipper with the silver belt buckle. I know: absolutely nothing in this outfit was worn the way it was intended to be. But come on, in the name of fashion, some rules are meant to be broken.

I definitely didn’t expect to love these outfits as much as I do now, so I hope this serves as a reminder for everyone not to discriminate any kind of style before you give it a try yourself. After all, if there’s anything this experiment taught me it’s that the best things in life often come unexpected.

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