LOOK: Here are 7 Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Last Semester in College

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor

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It’s graduation season once again! It’s the time of the year when we all get nostalgic for the memories we cherished in school. Do you remember the ecstatic feeling you felt when you received your college entrance exam results? You were feeling nervous but, at the same time, you were also feeling excited to hop into college and enter another chapter of your life.

Fast forward to now, allow me to be the first to say: Congratulations! Days are going by so fast that you haven’t even gotten a chance to maximize your last days in college. It’s either you’re conquering your hell week or hell semester and sometimes, no matter how you plan things ahead, deadlines keep piling up. But, if you’re wondering how you can make the best out of your last days in college without compromising your academics, it’s never too late to try these things and enjoy college while it lasts!

7. Pull an all-nighter with your college barkada

Who says you can’t have a pajama or tea party at your friend’s house while doing your theses together? Great company (and some pizza) will help you encourage one another and finish your papers! When you work with your friends, you will have study buddies and rant buddies all together!

But, if it seems that doing your acads at your friend’s house is not a good idea because you might end up literally not doing anything productive, you can check out overnight study hubs and cafes near your campus! They offer comfort at affordable rates plus you can still spend the night with your friends!

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6. Visit museums for free or at a discounted price

I’m pretty sure you’re well-aware of museums giving discounts and free access to students. Museums are perfect spots if you’re planning a fun and educational hang-out activity with your friends! If you’re a museum person, you might want to maximize your privilege of going to museums for free!

Have you heard of underrated museums found inside school campuses? For your next museum trip, you can check out Vargas Museum in UP Diliman and Arete Museum in Ateneo De Manila.

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5. Avail discounted tickets for school plays and campus concerts

Socializing in college is extra fun because you get to attend a lot of events held in-campus! Isn’t it amazing when you can pull off watching a required theatrical play for a class plus you also get to hang out with your friends at the same time? Students are usually given discounts for plays. And if you get lucky, you can grab sponsored tickets so that you can watch your favorite play adaptations for free!

Another extra thing you can do to maximize your college social life is to go to your campus fair. Sometimes, famous bands are also invited to perform in campus shows and events. Well, who knows? You might be able to watch and meet your favorite OPM bands all at a student price!

4. Enroll in a different kind of class

For the record, your last semester in college might be the most stressful one that you have to deal with. However, amidst thesis and final exams, you also have to prioritize your mental health. It’s always important to take a breather and release that stress! Now that you’re on your final semester in college, it’s never too late to pursue what you love outside your degree–even if it is enrolling in a yoga or drawing class!

If you still have extra time in between your classes and you’re free to take electives outside your course, why not try to enroll in art workshops or physical fitness classes? That way, you can release all the stress while socializing and trying out something new for yourself! After all, you’ll never know if you’re good at something if you will not try to immerse yourself in it.

3. Maximize free access to libraries and borrow the books that you want

College libraries are probably one of the most convenient places not only to study for exams and finish your papers but also to take a nap! I bet we’re all guilty of this! Kidding aside, have you tried all of the perks that your library has to offer? Unlimited library access comes in handy when you’re doing your research work. And at this point in your college life, do you think that you’ve been able to maximize your time browsing through your library’s online databases? Have you tried downloading reference materials exclusively provided by the university that you’re in? You only have a limited amount of time to use these great resources!

Aside from doing your research in the library, you can borrow hard copies of reference books as well as copies of the books written by your favorite authors!

2. Take a campus photo shoot with your barkada

For many semesters now, you got used to your day to day routine of attending your classes. But have you actually tried to pause and appreciate the beauty of your campus? Were you able to explore the mesmerizing spots? If not, you might want to schedule your next photo shoot with your college buddies! You can go to the memorable tambay spots where you always went with your friends after a long tiring day.

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1. Go on a food trip with your college barkada

It’s always best to end the day with food! And of course, college won’t be complete without taking a stroll around the campus and going on a food trip with your college barkada! I suggest you go for student budget meals that are only found on your campus!

Mang Larry’s Isawan at UP Diliman

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Mang Tootz at UST

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Topside Diner at Taft, Manila

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Famous Hepa Lane at Morayta

How many from the list have you tried doing already? Tell us in the comments section below!


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