5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Visit Museums Alone

Words by Aira Mae Parado

Featured photo from Globalphile

So you want to indulge in some art–you have 500 bucks in your wallet and remember the art museum nearest to you. You ask your friends to come along but they won’t respond or they laugh at you. You realize: no one’s ever going to appreciate that place the same way you do.

Get going. Head to the museum, anyway. If it’s what you think will enliven your artist soul, go.

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Not a long time ago, I was in Manila and went to visit the National Museum of Natural History. I had nobody to go with, so I wandered through the exhibits by myself and sat from time to time rest my feet and watched people. It felt perfect. It gave me a pleasant feeling of separate togetherness with other visitors.

Sure, it sucks when you don’t share the same interests with your friends, or when they can’t be there with you, but be open to the joys of independent museums dates. Take it as a chance to discover more about your artistic self.

Here are five reasons why you should visit museums alone.

5. No distraction.

When you’re alone at a museum, you won’t have to worry about social interaction. You can concentrate on your self-reflection, and truly immerse yourself into art. No one’s going to make any unnecessary comments—whether about the art or the people around.

4. You get to move at your own pace.

On your own, you can stand in front of a painting you like for as long as you want. Nobody is there to rush you. You are free to spend an hour or two contemplating a particular work of art. At the same time, you can opt to ignore another painting that you find uninteresting, or that you have already encountered many times before.

3. You can make new friends, if you want.

Museums can be a perfect place to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you are. If you happen to bump into someone or a group of friends, be open for conversations. Or start one if you like. You can ask people simple questions like, “what do you think of this painting?” or “which is your favorite display?”

2. You get to derive value from the experience.

When you don’t have to keep someone else’s pace, you can appreciate every exhibit. You don’t have to worry about anyone not having the same taste as you. You can go exploring without any disturbance. You can truly enjoy it.

1. It will give you a sense of independence.

Finally, it will allow you to be in charge of yourself.  It is a great practice to do things on your own. It’s just empowering to know that you can go on any adventure or face any challenge independently. It’s nice to be comfortable with just yourself, too.

What do you think of these? Do you prefer going to museums alone as well? Or are you the type to need company? Let us know in the comments!