LOOK: Heartbreaking Photos of Women Kidapawan Farmers Reportedly in Jail for Direct Assault

An unpleasant event shocked everyone when a bloody and chaotic dispersal incident between Kidapawan farmers and policemen.

Sadly, what happened to the farmers, who have been experiencing a drought for several months now, had a barbaric and bloody encounter with the policemen who dispersed them last week.

According to the news, these farmers were protesting and demanding for financial support and rice to get them by. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out peacefully. Hence, two farmers were reportedly killed.

Heaps of stories were shared on paper and social media, which were extremely heartbreaking and disappointing. Where’s the love and humanity, people?

Additionally, another sad story has gone viral: a story of 28 women who got caught and brought to jail for an alleged case – “direct assault.”

kidapawan women farmers

According to the Netizen who shared the photos, her name is “Lola Valentina.” She is one of the 28 women who will be brought to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology or BJMP.


Read the full caption:

Ito ang mga huling imahe namin kay Lola Valentina. Nakasilip sa bintana ng sasakyan ng BJMP.

28 silang mga babaeng magsasaka na ikinulong dahil sa kasong direct assault.

Binigo na sila ng pamahalaan. Binigo din sila ng mga taong nagdala sa kanila sa rally.

Durog na durog na ako sa storyang ito.

Times like this makes you think, life is really unfair. These farmers are the ones breaking their backs just so we have a decent “rice meal” every day. They were probably hungry and couldn’t think anymore.

But, there’s got to be a better way to deal with these situations.

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Photos used owned by Paul Chito