LOOK: Grandma’s attempts to converse with grandson with ‘millennial’ terms

In an age today where millennial slang is prevalent especially on social media, some try to jump on the bandwagon just for fun but for this case, curiosity!

Shared on his Facebook wall, Iggy Hugo Zuñiga uploaded screencapped conversations between a grandchild and his grandmother with the latter attempting to use “millennial terms” – including ‘af’, and ‘shookt’ to converse.

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WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Zuñiga for further details.

He wishes to clarify that the uploaded screencaps and conversations are a work of fiction.

“As to what creative writers do, writing some stories needed an inspiration or a theme. The post is a fictional conversation between a grand mom and an apo. I don’t consider this as fake because these are from the real stories of other people and friends. Thus, it reflects a portion of reality. The objective of this post, aside from giving smile and good vibes to the readers, is to show that there is a language barrier between different ages which can actually overcome through simple explanation of such words.

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“Reading through the comments sections has justified that this social construct of millennial language being used by non-millennials really happens. The reason? I think closing the gap between and overcoming that aid barrier.”

With today’s generation that speaks of #shookt, slang language; it truly explains of how the actions of today’s generation can also largely influence earlier generations. The purpose of Zuñiga’s post, according to him, is to “raise awareness and spread the observation” of this.

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the photos above. Photo credits go to Iggy Hugo Zuñga. You may view the original post here.