LOOK: Gordon Ramsay Finally Complimented A Meal On Twitter And We Are Shooketh

If you’re a fan of international cooking shows, then you’re probably familiar with Gordon Ramsay. Yes, he’s the guy that never runs out of insults and will keep shouting at chefs until they get their dishes perfect.

People know that when asked for opinions on amateur dishes, he’ll probably have more bad things to say about it than good. Actually, he’ll only probably only say bad things about it. But despite this image, people on Twitter have been constantly asking his opinions on the food that they prepared.

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Of course, being Gordon Ramsay, he has constantly been giving bad reviews on quite a lot of them. Who knew there are limitless ways to insult food? We haven’t seen the celebrity chef say anything good on the food presented to him on Twitter for a long time… Until now.

Another brave soul asked Gordon’s opinion on her fiance’s skillet pork loin.


Look at what Gordon said:

“Marry him…” HE SAID MARRY HIM!!!!

We were all #shookt at Gordon’s beautiful (and quite romantic) review of that skillet pork loin, and tbh, everyone on Twitter went nuts! Here are some of the reactions:

A rare compliment appeared!!!

Gordon definitely deserves applause for a beautiful compliment like that.




We honestly don’t know this person anymore.

But wow, what a time to be alive! A compliment! From Gordon Ramsay! That skillet pork loin really does look good, though.

What did you think of that dish? Do you think it deserved a compliment? Share it with us!