LOOK: France’s Presidential Candidate’s Love Story is Inspiring

All eyes are on France’s presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron because of his bizarre love story.

french presidential candidate

Emmanuel first met Brigitte Macron, his French literature teacher, and drama coach back in 1992, at the age of 15. Since then, she has been his adviser and guides throughout his career. At 17, the candidate promised to marry her.

Staying true to his promise, they tied the knot in 2007, with Emmanuel aged 30 and Brigitte almost turning 55 and already have three grown kids.

Due to their 24-year age gap, people couldn’t help but compare the French couple with the current president of the United States and his wife, Donald and Melania Trump. But the pair doesn’t waver.

The couple doesn’t really seem to mind because they are publicly seen holding hands, doing interviews and being all sweet to each other!

Even Macron’s chief of staff during his service as an economy minister remembers how hands on Brigitte was in being involved in her husband’s work to the point of even attending agenda meetings way back.

Because of that, netizens can’t keep but comment about how adorable the couple is and how the France needs someone who stays true to his word, just like how Emmanuel kept his promise to marry Brigitte, despite the circumstances.

Here’s the full story posted and originally shared by The Hummingbird Post Facebook page:

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