LOOK: Examination continues even during the earthquake evacuation for these students

Keep calm and… continue taking your exam even during emergency situations! #AcadsisLife

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook Luzon this afternoon with its epicenter located at Lian, Batangas. Citizens made the necessary safety precautions, following through with evacuations. Some institutions even called off classes for the day.

Netizen and student Jamie took it to her Twitter account how she witnessed a ‘train’ of her fellow students carrying through with their exam even outside the classroom after evacuating the building.


WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Jamie for further details.

“According to one of the students who tweeted me, it was a non-graded physics diagnostic exam but grabe yung dedication nila (I admire their dedication).I’m not very sure eh (if the professor was around). But I assume he/she was since they moved a little further near the entrance so they didn’t block the people. They were super orderly!”

WHEN IN MANILA was also able to reach out to one of the students in the photo, Alfreid Yanga.

“We were taking our diagnostic exam when the earthquake happened. Our seats were shaking so we asked the proctor (our prof wasn’t there) if we can evacuate. Actually, nagdalawang-isip pa yung proctor kung puwede niya kaming pababain kasi nag-e-exam daw kami. (Actually, our proctor was thinking twice if we can allow us to go down because we were taking our exam.) Pero pumayag din siya for safety. (He eventually gave in for safety purposes). Nung nasa labas na kami, one of my classmates suggested to do the human centipede so that we can finish our exam. (When we were outside, one of my classmates suggested to do the human centipede so that we can finish our exam.) Safety first! Acads next, haha! Binabantayan pa rin kami nung proctor nung nasa baba na kami. (We were being watched over by our proctor wheb we were downstairs.)”

Stay safe, everyone!

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