LOOK: Disposable Cameras Are Back in Modern Aesthetics

Disposable film cameras were popular in the 90s for being affordable photography devices that were made for single-use. Due to their material combined with flash, the resulting images create a specific look characterized by high-contrast and saturated colors. This is why they have made their way to the current year…aside from the nostalgia, of course.

We found these cute cameras on Lazada in classic pastel colors. More than the aesthetic photos that disposable film cameras produce, they have also been given a modern look!

Screen Shot 2022 06 12 at 1.05.42 AM

It’s as easy to use as the older versions–all you have to do is power up the flash and press the shutter button! They are also still best for outdoor scenes with natural light, or as long as the area is well lit. But just a tip: learn/refresh your memory on how these old-school cameras work first so you won’t waste a film!

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