LOOK: Disabled turtle uses mini skateboard to walk again!

This turtle named Helix has a spinal deformity which disables him from walking normally. His owner, Randy Betz Jr. from Wilmington, Delaware has found a way to make him walk again: by using a cute mini skateboard!

Credit: Randy Betz JR

Helix was apparently born with the unusual deformity and has never been able to use his hind legs. Luckily, his owner’s mini skateboard has definitely changed how he gets around.

Randy Betz Jr., a medical sales consultant, mentioned that he found the turtle when he started his business of helping people hatch tortoise eggs where one of the animals (Helix) came out with its back legs in another direction.

Credits: Randy Betz Jr.

“I’m around spine deformity all the time, and this little guy has some sort of turtle-related spina bifida,” BetzĀ shared with WPVI-TV.

He also shared that Helix was supposedly going to be euthanized due to being unable to walk. Fortunately, Betz came up with the inspiring solution of using a mini skateboard.

“I took some glue, some superglue, and I glued it right on the back end of it,” he said.

And now, Helix has successfully learned to walk by using his front legs to pull the wheels to make him move forward. Betz added: “Very heartwarming to see him as happy as he was able to move around.”

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