LOOK: Designer Reimagines Disney Princess Gowns as Modern Day Fashion

Who says only your past Disney-Princess-wannabe self can actually wear Disney costumes and feel like a total princess? You don’t have to wish you are seven years old just to feel like you are a Disney Princess again. Thanks to this designer, your completely adult self can still be that princess. And with a modern twist. Ha.

Chicago-based designer Michael Anthony has reimagined the classic Disney Princess gowns we all know and love and turned them into spectacular modern pieces of fashion. And, bonus, even Star Wars’ Princess Leia’s iconic white dress makes the cut.

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What’s amazing is that the basic aesthetics and feel of the original princess dresses are still there; they are still easily recognizable with one look, but they are definitely updated to modern design. And they are truly stunning pieces of work.

Move over, princes in shining armors, these princesses are runway ready.

Look at Michael’s illustrations below:

And, a BONUS:

These illustrations were originally uploaded by Michael Anthony on his Instagram account, which you can follow at www.instagram.com/michael_anthony_designs

Which reimagined Disney Princess dress is your favorite? I’m loving Brave’s Merida!

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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