LOOK: Darna Funko Pop collectible is coming soon!

On the second day of ToyCon 2019, it was revealed that there will be a Darna Funko Pop collectible coming soon marking the first time ever to have Pinoy superhero have a Funko pop variant. Funko is an established company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles from big companies like Marvel Comics, DC, Disney and many more which have numerous Funko variations.

They are well known for their bobblehead figures where they also produce action figures and other figurines. It was originally a small project where they created low-tech toys which the main theme was to be nostalgic.

Now, they will also be hitting nostalgic feelings for people who grew up with an iconic Pinay superhero like Darna. As the most celebrated Filipino superhero, it is no wonder that this character by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo got the honor of being the first one to have a Funko Pop! collectible.

In the Philippine entertainment industry, she already had several TV series and movie adaptations which featured a few of the biggest celebrities in the country.

As a Filipino cultural icon, you must be familiar with how distinct and iconic Darna’s appearance was made to be. Her outfit is comprised of a two-piece red bikini that has golden stars for each brassiere cap; she has a red helmet that has a ruby in the center encrusted with gold winged medallions; golden bracelet for each hand; a gold medallion belt with a white loincloth in the middle; and half-knee-high length red boots with golden lining.

Darna first appeared in a comic published in the 1940s and as she may be the first superhero to be turned into a Funko Pop, she is not the first well-known character that came from the Philippines who had a collectible as well, the first being our beloved Jollibee.

Officially, there is no launch date for the figure but it was revealed as part of the celebration of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the much cherished Filipino superhero.

Are you hoping to add Darna to your Funko Pop! collection? Or if you haven’t started collecting, why not start now?


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