LOOK: Commuters Say Anne Curtis is Their Lucky Charm

Given the nature of traffic in Manila, sometimes it’s more practical to commute. The trains may be faulty, but it’s faster compared to sitting in a car for hours on end. Tricycles can also weave their tiny bodies between cars, and get you from point A to point B faster, especially if they have routes in major thoroughfares. In other countries, people of all economic status use public transportation.

In the Philippines, celebrities and public figures usually rely on private vehicles to get around. But not Anne Curtis. Despite her fame and influence, she’s not one to avoid being¬†with her fans in public. In 2011, she took the MRT to get to the Smart Araneta Coliseum in time to see Kylie Minogue¬†perform live. She rode the train again with her sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith to make it to the It’s Showtime! live telecast.

Now, she rode the train again, this time to beat the traffic. She shared the news on Instagram, saying:


Beating the traffic. Sabi nila swerte daw ako kasi hindi pa daw masyado siksikan. Ang bilis! Lapit na ako sa bahay!

(Beating the traffic. They say I’m lucky because the train is not packed. It’s so fast! I’m near my house!)



Stars. They’re just like us!


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