LOOK: Check Out this Unicorn Island Just 2 Hours from Manila!

Written by Jesh Orquina
Photography by Paolo Pareno

inflatable island rainbow walkThe Rainbow Walk

Last week, we published an article about the Inflatable Island’s latest addition to their floating playground—Unicorn Island! In case that wasn’t enough to convince you to take the trip ASAP, we spent a whole afternoon at Unicorn Island just so we could tell you about it based on our very own experience!

It’s everything you expect it to be and more.

unicorn island inflatable island

Unicorn Island: Inflatable Island’s latest addition

You know how magical the place looks in photos? It looks just like that in real life, if not better! The moment you enter the resort, you can already catch a glimpse of the playground. Baba, the floating unicorn, is pretty hard to miss with its horn glimmering in vibrant colors. Plus, you also get a great view of the mountains surrounding the area!

The Bali Lounge is super chill.

bali lounge inflatable island

The Bali Lounge

To be honest, the lounge gives out so much chill vibes that I was actually tempted to just laze around there while sipping my iced tea. In fact, that’s just what I did for half an hour! The place is so mesmerizing and Instagram-worthy that I just took the time to stay under the pink umbrella and take selfies. #sorrynotsorry

The playground is (a lot) more challenging than it looks.

inflatable island activities

The playground featuring some of the activities including the Kiddie Slide, the Trampoline, and the Jungle Bars.

Some of the most exciting activities in the park include the Giant Tarzan Swing & Slide, the Wobbly Bridge, and the Human Launcher. Yes, they will actually launch you into the air (only if you’re willing, of course). Don’t get me wrong, the activities are super fun; they just happen to be a bit challenging as well. But don’t worry! They have lifeguards who can guide you every step of the way. Just make sure you get a good night’s sleep and be ready to get those muscles pumping!

Time flies really fast here.

inflatable island whole

The whole playground as seen from the shore.

If you plan on trying every single activity the playground has, it’s best to allot at least half a day just for playground time. The playground, having an area equivalent to eight basketball courts, is insanely huge. Make sure you have extra time for those moments when you need to catch your breath or when you have to swim back to the playground after getting launched 10 feet into the air!

The night is just as magical as the day.

bali lounge night inflatable island

The Bali Lounge during the nighttime.

I was a bit sad as the playground closed for the day but, as it turned out, the fun wasn’t over yet! The Bali Lounge was even more magical after the sun went down. Pretty lights lit up the area and music was playing in the background. After an afternoon of jumping around the playground and trying not to fall into the water (too much), it was nice to just lie down and enjoy the ambiance.

The food is GOOD.

unli bbq inflatable island

Barbecue and other grilled food

Playing on the inflatables will make you hungry. If you’re coming with a group of friends, check out their Unli BBQ Team Building Package. Not a big fan of barbecue? They also have a number of food stalls around the area.

You won’t ever want to leave.

baba the unicorn inflatable island

Me with Baba the Unicorn

I mean, who doesn’t want to just live on the beach for the rest of their lives? Being a water baby myself, I always find it difficult to leave the beach. Leaving a beach that has a huge playground and floating unicorns is even more difficult. So make sure to make the most out of your trip! Bring a camera, bring your friends, and just enjoy every moment of it.

Inflatable Island is the biggest floating playground in Asia. For more details, check out their social media links below:

Inflatable Island

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Twitter: @inflatableislnd
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