LOOK: Check Out This New Local Premium Milk Tea Café that Just Opened in Banawe!

Words By: Nicole Teng

Photos By: Alyssa Gabrielle Chen

If you’re anything like me who’s an avid tea drinker, then this new milk tea shop in Banawe surely won’t disappoint you. A+ Premium Milk tea is a newly opened local milk tea cafe that definitely serves your favorite drink with premium ingredients. They serve iced and hot tea, milk tea, fruit tea, cheese foam milk tea, a selection of healthy tea drinks, and even snacks! It’s truly a perfect place to tambay with friends or have some study time on your own (since it’s super well lit!) if you’re in the area.

Interior of the café

For their milk tea, they have eight different options to choose from including those with cheese foam on top. Personally, my most recommended is the A+ Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea. The A+ Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea boasts a dominant tea flavor, which you will love if you’re into tea. It stands out compared to other milk teas I’ve tried. Their pearls are also soft since they’re made from glutinous flour, so drinking milk tea is now much easier for those who prefer no obstacles in their drinks. The mixture of the tea flavor and the sweetened pearls create the perfect balance of sweetness which brings harmony in every sip.

A+ Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Left) (Reg. P130, Plus P150)

Moving on to their fruit teas and healthy tea selection, through the recommendation of owner Tricia Fabico-Ramirez, I was enticed to try the Hibiscus Lemon Tea. Upon my first sip, I immediately fell in love with this drink. I would call it crave-worthy. I love how every sip made me feel refreshed and awake. Perhaps the addition of lemon is what created this depth of flavor? It’s definitely a must-try if you visit this cafe!

Hibiscus Lemon Tea (Reg. P120, Plus P140)

For their snacks, they have three options to choose from, each with their own flavor. The first is the A+ Signature Handmade Roll. You can choose between sausage, bacon, or chicken. The wrap of the roll is made of Taiwanese pancake and so it’s not just your average wrap. Personally, my favorite was the chicken as it paired well with their milk tea. Aside from this, they also serve Crinkles Fries (salted, BBQ, Sour Cream, Cheese) and Cheese Sticks!

A+ Signature Handmade Roll (Half size in the picture) (P140)

Cheese Sticks (P120)

Passing by Banawe soon? You should definitely try A+ Premium Milk Tea and try out their wide selection of drinks and snacks because it will surely satisfy your cravings!

A+ Premium Milk Tea also delivers via Lalamove, Pabili, and Grab Assist for the convenience of customers who need their milk tea fix. For orders and advanced orders, you may call them at 8366-6578.

A+ Premium Milk Tea 

GF, 848 Banawe st., Barangay Sienna, Quezon City


Store Hours: 10:00AM – 12:00MN

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AplusPremiumMilkTea/


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