LOOK: Asia’s First-Ever Immersive Folklore Experience Lets you be the Star of your Own Theatrical Play!

Words by Meldrick Tin

Photos by Nadine Bufi

Theatrical plays are definitely a breath of fresh air. Witnessing actors and actresses perform onstage, along with all of the well-thought-out props, costumes, and set design, make watching theatrical plays really a magical and memorable experience for us.

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But what if you can star in your own theatrical play and actually be IN the production? Tipsy Tales, the company behind Asia’s most immersive entertainment experiences, beats the odds with its newest production—Lambana, a 75-minute immersive experience centered on the theme of Filipino folklore!

The first of its kind in the Philippines and in the whole of Asia, Lambana aims to give its audience a much deeper appreciation for Filipino folklore. Expect to see a lot of familiar creatures from Philippine mythology such as dwarfs or duwende, tree giants or kapre, mermaids or sirena, and an old man of the mound or nuno sa punso. Don’t underestimate these enchanting characters, though—they’re much scarier than you think. But don’t forget to still interact with them!



The theatrical play starts with Lola Mila, who has this very Filipino Lola Basyang vibe, and from then on, you get to experience your own dark whimsical fairy tale adventure. You and your group will eventually have to go to different settings, meaning each person will have their own different experiences in the play.


Just like the movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, this theatrical play is immersive in the sense that you can actually be the hero of your own story. Your fate in the play will be based on the crucial life-or-death decisions you’ll have to make—which is why you should think carefully and choose wisely!

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Apart from the very unique storyline and concept, not only is your sense of sight and hearing being activated, your sense of taste, smell and touch are, too. Each room is specifically designed with a certain scent to match that of the setting, and you can also get to try some food and drinks along with the different places you’ll encounter. And, yes, they seamlessly made all of these elements part of the play as well!


Lambana is perfect for family and friends who are looking to try something new in the metro because believe me when I say that there is nothing else like it! They have shows from Thursday to Sunday until November! A maximum of 15 people can experience the fun per timeslot (ages 12+). Buy your tickets now and don’t miss out on Asia’s first-ever immersive theatrical play!


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