Look and Spot the Difference: Photo of an Alleged Overpriced Cantiasay Wooden Bridge Repair in Surigao

Circulating on social media now, is a before and after photo of an allegedly overpriced wooden bridge repair in Cantiasay, Surigao. Cantiasay is one the 54 Barangays found in the area and it’s, in fact, used to connect two islands. The said bridge is 471 meters long (approximately 1545.28 ft or 515 yards) and known as the longest foot bridge in the Philippines.

Furthermore, Surigao City is one of the tourist spots found in the Philippines. They are rich in agricultural produce such as rice, corn, vegetables, and more. The place is also a major supplier of fish, which is being exported across Asia.

However, I tried spotting the difference from the photo below:

Surigao bridge project

Source: Surigaonon Kontra Kawat (Would you dare cross here?)

But, I couldn’t find any.

The photo is accompanied by a caption written in Visayan language:

BISAN KAHOY NA TULAY, GIKURAKOT. Ma-semento man o ma-kahoy na dayan, way pili inin mafia sa Surigao City Hall sa ila pangurakot. HUROT na an P600K budget nan ini na MININGKAY na trabaho, pero an tulay NAGKAGIWATAY gihapon. Pag-ignay laman kamo mga taga Brgy. Cantiasay basin kamo mahuyog, kay arang gajud nila pagdaginot kay hapit na an eleksyon.

Rough translation:


Kahit kahoy na tulay kinukurakot. Ma-semento man o kahoy na daan. Walang pinipili ang mafia sa Surigao City hall sa kanilang pangungurakot. Ubos na ang 600k na budget para sana sa paggawa Ng daan pero ang tulay..sira p din.


Even wood materials are being corrupted. Regardless if it’s cement or wood, the mafia in Surigao City Hall doesn’t care at all. The P600, 000 budget that was supposedly used for repair was gone. Hence, the bridge is still not fixed.

I only know a few Visayan words and I’m having a hard time translating this phrase: “Pag-ignay laman kamo mga taga Brgy. Cantiasay basin kamo mahuyog, kay arang gajud nila pagdaginot kay hapit na an eleksyon.” 

Would you know what it means? Also, what do you think of this issue? Share your thoughts below!


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