LOOK: A Bunch of Ateneans “Ran Like Naruto” On Campus Because Why Not?

Our sense of humor has truly evolved over the years. Weird events have been a trend on social media lately, and when I say weird, it’s truly and genuinely weird.

One of these events that actually happened right here in Manila was named “Takbo ni Naruto sa Red Brick Road 2.0” (Naruto Run at Red Brick Road 2.0) and it was as weird as it sounds.

It was started by students from Ateneo, namely Rob Nazal and Japheth Moreno, as a joke following the recent trend of weird events in social media such as “Scream Like Goku”. Naruto, aside from being an anime phenomenon, had a trademark “run style” where he’d throw his arms behind him and run headfirst into whatever direction.

Rob and Japheth didn’t expect it to receive much recognition, but it did, and lots of students expressed their interest in joining. So, they turned it into a legit event.

More than a hundred people showed up, and the hosts were there in their Naruto costumes, of course.

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The event was scheduled at 3:55 PM. Rob went earlier in his costume, and people started gathering when they saw him until a legit crowd had formed.

They started doing some warm-ups and then screamed like Goku (because why not?) until finally, the “running like Naruto” happened.

Watch how it went here:

Hoshaiah Domingo, a student of Ateneo, was there to catch it on camera. He says that he knew about the run through the event page.

“And to see something like that push through with just an fb event page made by maybe some random group of friends who just wanna have fun, that’s something else,” he shares with WhenInManila.com.

The hosts say that the feeling was “liberating”.  “It makes me happy that a lot of people enjoyed and are looking forward to another one,” Rob says.

So, I guess we’ll be watching out for the next “run like Naruto” event!

What did you think of the event? Share it with us!

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