LOOK: 21-Year-Old Takes Awesome Portraits Using A Borrowed Camera

Not having her own camera did not stop the 21-year-old student, Mica Abesamis, to pursue what she loves most and even make a few bucks out of it. Just like anybody else, she likes to take photos of everything but her creative eye and passion takes her portraits to the next level.

Among all the subjects of her photography, she shared with us that she is most fascinated with taking portraits of people because “they reflect the person’s story and portraits always feel like a genuine memory”.



When we asked about her inspirations, she shared that her work is “a reflection of all the beautiful photographs that she had seen whether online or in real life” and that she is a big admirer of the works of Shaira Luna, Geloy Concepcion, and Petra Collins to name a few.



As of the moment, she is focused in finishing her studies and getting her own camera that will help her get into the fashion industry in the future.



“I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say but I guess I should take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have lent me their cameras and their unending support. It’s really difficult to put yourself out there and ask for something so expensive but I’m grateful because somehow I’m still able to continue my passion.” Mica shared.



Interested in having your portraits taken by Mica?

You can reach her at abesamismica@gmail.com and help her save up for her own camera. Check out more of her art here.

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