LOL: This girl had a clever way of receiving her midnight delivery, and we’re amused!

Midnight cravings are one of the things we usually deal with when we’re still up late at night. Unfortunately, many restaurants or food establishments cannot cater to these most of the time. Luckily for Mariaher cravings were satisfied with one fast food chain that was open 24/7 when she ordered online.

Considering the wee hours of the night where many were tucked in their beds dozing off to dreamland, Maria took into consideration the slumber of others living at her home, which was her mom. She indicated in the “special instructions” while she was taking her order to “text or call when the delivery guy was outside her house” since her mom might wake up. She also mentioned that she stays in the second floor of the residence, so she was going to bring down a basket to pay and in return, the delivery guy would place the ordered food there as she will be waiting in the terrace to get it.

To her amusement, the fast food chain followed the instructions carefully and accurately! Needless to say, not only did she have a hearty meal, but also a hearty experience of having her food delivered!

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Maria for further details.

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“I was writing school notes when my sister came home from school and came to hang out in my room to study too. I made audible complaints about how hungry I was. I have not had a decent meal since I woke up. I told her that I’d treat her to large fries if she agrees to have food delivered. Initially, she disagreed because she said our mom was downstairs in the sala (maybe watching K-drama or using Facebook). At that time, it was already past 12am. I made several food suggestions. I really wanted pizza but my sister wouldn’t agree with me. I kept pestering her that I was hungry. “Please agree, free large fries from meeee,” I told her. Finally, we agreed on one food establishment.

Out of the blue, we thought of using a basket (pulley system) for the delivery so we don’t have to go down, open the door and make super hasty transactions with kuya delivery guy like we did in the past. We made the order online and entered our remarks, to which we usually input “text or tawag na lang po ‘pag andiyan na,” but this time we added the basket. The basket was supposed to be a picnic basket so it would look nicer but unfortunately I couldn’t find it so we made do with our laundry basket. We made an effort to find a rope strong enough to hold the basket (I figured, if it can handle our cat, it’s good enough!)

We had second thoughts about the execution of our plan but then kuya delivery guy’s text came. He asked us to lower the basket! It was a very ROFL moment. Kuya delivery guy was very “mapagpatol”. When he arrived we were waiting at our terrace and lowered the basket with the money in it. Without further ado, kuya delivery guy knew what to do. He took the money, and put the stuff inside and then when all was well, we pulled the basket back up. It was hard to document as it was dark but my sister was able to take pictures and take a video. It was too funny to not share so instead of sharing it to FB where our mom could immediately see it, I shared on Twitter. We didn’t want to let our mother know because she might scold us – for eating “unhealthy food” in the middle of the night; for spending money for such purpose, for being awake at such time.

However, the post went viral and still made its way to Facebook. My friends tagged me, my cousins saw it and tagged us sisters. One cousin of mine even told our mother about it, she did tell us that our mother said that she had seen it and laughed it off. At home, our mother never said a word about it so I guess we’re safe.”

That’s an absolute clever way of having food delivered without waking anybody up! Kudos to you, Maria!

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