LOL: See how Nico Bolzico & Solenn Heusaff ‘fought’ over their encounter with Chris Hemsworth

Nico strikes again!

The two social media personalities were lucky to have met Chris Hemsworth in Singapore!

You’ll laugh at the way their photos were captioned with they had a photo-op with the 34-year-old Australian actor.

The two have been openly humourous around each other which makes fans of theirs drawn to their relationship.

Nico remarks how his wife was “so starstruck” – where he figured that he felt he that has developed his “first man crush” on him.

He even complimented Hemsworth, who stood in the middle between the couple, that he was “muscular, funny and charming”.

Meanwhile, Solenn’s uploaded photo looked a lot less formal – which actually appeared to be candid. She jokingly captions that her face is the kind “you make when you tell your husband to get the hell out of your picture”. LOL!

The context behind that? It somehow connects to their earlier, previous encounter with Hemsworth at the gym – to which Solenn shares through a caption of a video.

Solenn was using the treadmill in the gym next to Hemsworth in Singapore, where she expresses her annoyance that her husband was unable to document that.


Nico, who always pulled pranks and jokes to his wife (with a light, public apology to her he’d usually upload later on) is seen dedicating a song to her for not being able to capture the moment. He also tried to make amends with her through this funny Story on his Instagram account.


The Argentinian personality, who has been also vocal on social media for calling his wife ‘Wifezilla’, was an opportunity for Solenn to call him out and say how true the nickname applies to her. In essence, a funny kind of  “tampo“.

The REAL #Wifezilla will show you what #TheBulliedHusbandsClub REALLY is“, she said.

This couple is seriously hilarious! But they’re extremely lucky to have met Chris!

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