Local Celebrities With Vlogs You Should Watch Now

Internet killed the video star — or so it goes. Since the rise of Youtube from a simple video-sharing site to a massive multimedia platform, we’ve seen several so-called Youtubers and vloggers who have found fame through people’s smartphones and laptop screens instead of on TV, and who have made the successful crossover to mainstream popularity. Justin Bieber, aka kidrauhl, certainly comes to mind. Even locally, we have personalities such as Wil Dasovich, Mikey Bustos, Bogart the Explorer, and more that have enjoyed success not just online, but through television as well.

There’s been quite a reverse trend happening, though, and our favorite artistas are now taking over cyberspace! For many of these celebs, it’s another way to connect with fans, while others are able to express a side of themselves that isn’t always seen on TV. Here are just some of the celebrities we love watching both on TV and online.

7. Kristel Fulgar

Remember Kristel from her Goin’ Bulilit days? The former child actress, now 23 years old, is all grown up, and is a fantastic singer! Kristel has recently gone viral for her memorable covers such as Despacito, Beautiful (from the K-Drama Goblin soundtrack), and Pag-Ibig Na Kaya, with fellow Goin’ Bulilit alum CJ Navato. Go take a listen — and then don’t forget to sub.

6. Andrea Brillantes

Who would have thought that this little lady has a great online presence? Andrea, who is only 14, is a true digital native, doing all sorts of videos: from her kulit musical.ly covers, to her beauty tutorials, and just about everything in between! Prepare to laugh, smile and be charmed by her cuteness.

5. Elisse Joson

There is no doubt that 22-year-old Elisse Joson is flawless — we can’t help but be awed by her beauty whenever she’s onscreen or popping up on our Instagram feeds! The soft-spoken actress has her own Youtube video, posting videos mostly of her beauty routines, as well as giving us a sneak peek into her life every now and then. We love watching her makeup tutorials, if only to hope that we can be as stunning as she is.

4. Gee Canlas

Hands down, we love watching Gee Canlas whatever she does! Gee is as gorgeous as she is knee-slappingly hilarious, and it definitely shows in her videos on Gee TV, a one-woman online comedy sketch show! Gee just about covers everything relatable, from millennial problems to dating woes, and even sweet rap battles! Go watch one of her sketches and try not to get addicted. And if you do, the subscribe button is just a click away. Oh, and if you want more Gee, be sure to catch her live on the When In Manila Facebook page every Wednesday!

3. Mikael Daez

Handsome, smart, and with an interesting personality, Mikael Daez reminds us of that cool kid in college we all wanted to be friends with. The actor and host breaks the mold of the usual artista through his videos, which shows off his breathtaking travels with long-time girlfriend, Miss World 2013 Megan Young. They also like to go on food trips and coffee runs, so expect a lot of mouthwatering footage your way.

2. Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino is officially the tita we never had, but we wish we did. Watching her on KrisTV before it went off the air was already a guilty pleasure, and we didn’t think it was possible to see a more candid, unfiltered version of herself apart from what we saw on TV. Yet tita Krissy proves us wrong with her series of web shows on her Youtube page called The Aquinos, which is just a gift that keeps on giving. Whether she’s just cooking laing or having merienda, Kris delivers on her signature Kris-isms and nuggets of wisdom, and we’re always there to witness them.

1. Alex Gonzaga

Perhaps the celeb who can hold a candle to tita Kris in terms of entertainment is Alex Gonzaga, who is just a treat to watch in every single video. Alex is naturally funny, and her humor shows in all her videos, whether she’s attempting a 5-minute makeup tutorial, cooking spaghetti, or trying to make her nephew Seve laugh. Fans love her for being so real and unfazed by having to put up with an image, making her so relatable and lovable.

Did we miss out on other celebrity vloggers? Let us know in the comments!

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