Liza Soberano opens up on dealing with panic attacks

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing life as we know it and creating a ‘new normal’, it’s only expected for people to be feeling heightened levels of worry or helplessness. The past few months have seen many of us struggling with mental health and Liza Soberano recently opened up about her own battles.

In her interview with Asian BossLiza talked about the panic attacks she’s been experiencing and their triggers.

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“I’ve been getting a lot of anxiety attacks lately because we are just at home, we’re isolated, we don’t get to see a lot of people all the time and talk to different people which I’m used to on a daily basis because I’m an actress and I worked with a lot of different people all the time,” she shares.

“I mean there’s a feeling of hopelessness sometimes because there’s so much going on in the world but you can’t really do anything.”

Liza continues talking about the factors that trigger her attacks: “I was having anxiety attacks because like I said there’s a sense of hopelessness going around because of COVID, the pandemic, and a lot of the trials that we are facing here in the Philippines. Like with the whole ABS-CBN issue I felt like I wasn’t doing enough or there wasn’t enough that I could possibly do because I am not physically there. It’s different if you are physically there to show your support.”

She adds: “Being not able to hear different insights, asking anybody how they are, so like, it’s just different having normal conversations every day with people and being present with other people.”

On coping with these attacks, Liza says: “I like to read books, I like to go online and just talk to my friends or play games with them. I like to cook because it’s like the time I have to myself to just really think about life because you just get to focus on the food while chopping or while stirring. Your thought is just all to yourself.”

For those going through similar struggles as her, Liza advises them: “Keep yourself busy. Try to find something new to do. When you try to learn a new talent, technique, or skill it really helps in whatever you are thinking about in that moment because you really have to focus on learning so that helps coping with anxiety and boredom.”

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