Living the Smart Life with HUAWEI’s Newest Super Devices

I’ve been a digital nomad since 2012 and having the freedom to work anytime and anywhere is definitely one of my best life decisions ever.

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Being a content creator that time was fun but of course, but I also had my set of struggles since I had to bring a whole lot of stuff aside from my luggage, I had to bring a huge heavy laptop for editing and writing, a tablet, a DSLR camera with at least 2 heavy lenses, my mobile phone etc. OMG I’d bring everything then for the sake of making good content. Fast forward to 2021, after almost a decade, my life as a digital nomad has become less stressful and more productive since I’ve chosen to switch to the smart life by embracing the HUAWEI Ecosystem. Let’s me show you my current smart office set-up.

Work scenario now is way different 10 years ago since now, we spend most of our time in front of our screens as we work on daily tasks, send and reply to emails and attend meetings with colleagues and online events. Everything now is done through my laptop. Good thing I’m using the HUAWEI Matebook 14s. Take note, it’s not just your ordinary laptop. It’s a LAPTOP+


With my HUAWEI LAPTOP+ Matebook 14s

I have an awesome 14” 2.5k HUAWEI FullView Display with 90Hz High Refresh Rate. It also has multi touch gestures so I enjoy a smartphone / tablet like experience. It also has Smart Brightness Adjustment and Dual Eye Comfort to protect my eyes even after long hours of screen time.

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It has the i7 Intel Evo Platform, which is currently intel’s most powerful platform and 11th Gen Core High Performance Processor to provide me with the speed I need whenever I do multitasking especially when editing and rendering videos

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And since I’m always on the go, I love the fact that my Matebook 14s lasts for 10-13 hours on its on and whenever I need to charge it, it charges super fast thanks to its 65W HUAWEI SuperCharge charger.

HUAWEI Matebook 14s Mae Ilagan 34

The Laptop+ Matebook 14s earned the title as because it’s the 1st ever laptop with a MOBILE APP ENGINE. With this, you can directly download you favorite apps from the HUAWEI AppGallery straight to your laptop. So after work, you can conveniently open Tiktok, your favorite shopping apps and even play mobile games on your 14” 2.5K HUAWEI Fullview Display for a more immersive viewing experience.

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10 years ago, I started out as photography enthusiast and I had to bring a heavy camera, tripod, lenses etc, but now, all I use is a HUAWEI smartphone like the new ultra-slim HUAWEI nova 9 – an All-Powerful Photography Smartphone.

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It’s like having a HUAWEI P-Series camera with upgraded features! It has a 50MP RYYB Ultra Vision Camera, 32MP 4k Front Camera, front & Back non-stop video making this super ideal for vlogging hi-res content, 120Hz Original Color Curved Display for superb viewing experience and a 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge so I can quickly juice up my smartphone.

And perhaps the best part about this is that, after I shoot content, I don’t need to transfer files using memory cards or annoying cables… all i need is use HUAWEI SHARE and it instantly syncs with my Matebook 14s for easy transfer and back up!

With this amazing HUAWEI SHARE feature, I can seamlessly sync all my other HUAWEI devices to my laptop with just a few clicks.

HUAWEI Matebook 14s Mae Ilagan 57

When I enable the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature, I can directly operate my HUAWEI nova9 on my Matebook 14s. I can make calls, transfer files, open multiple apps and so much more. So easy right? Now that’s what I call living the smart life.

And of course in order to do more in life, we have to stay healthy. Good thing i have with me my HUAWEI GT 3 to remind me when it’s time to move and take a break.

HUAWEI Matebook 14s Mae Ilagan 59

I love its accuracy in monitoring my work outs, vitals and especially my sleep to help me be aware if I’m getting enough rest. It’s powerful inside yet fashionable and elegant with its design, edge-to-edge HD Large screen display with thin, light and new AOD watch. You can also choose different watch faces to suit your mood or occasion. Yes, it also syncs real time on my nova 9 with the use of the HUAWEI Health App. But wait, there’s more! It also has a large battery life of over 14 days! Definitely a smart watch worth having!

Work-life balance? Achieve na achieve with my HUAWEI Super Devices and Ecosystem

The i5 variant is priced at Php 68,999 while the i7 variant with Intel Evo Platform is priced at Php 89,999! Customers purchasing their own HUAWEI MateBook 14s 2021 until November 30 may claim a premium freebie bundle worth Php 11,498. Customers may also choose from two colorways, which are Space Gray and Spruce Green.  Purchasing may be done at any HUAWEI Experience Store, the official HUAWEI Online Store and flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee!


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