LISTEN: Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Tagu-Taguan’ Will Make You Feel Things

Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Tagu-Taguan” is finally here to make us all feel things.

The singer and songwriter who’s known for her “hugot” songs first gave a preview of the heartbreaking single on an evening talk show last year, and, since then, fans have been waiting to hear the full version of it.

Titled ‘Tagu-Taguan” (Hide and Seek, in English), the song gets inspiration from the popular childhood game we’re all familiar with coupled with the struggles that Dela Torre had to face when she was younger.

Finishing the single is said to be the singer’s “proudest moment” and we feel privileged to be able to hear such a beautiful and emotional song. Before you press play, make sure you have a box of tissue beside you just in case the song makes you want to cry your eyes out.

Listen to the song below:

The single is now available on music streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify.

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