These Limited Edition Watch Collections Will Elevate Your Style

Orient Star has launched a series of limited-edition watches that look great in different outfits and styles. They are all inspired by the captivating beauty of stars and the universe.

Orient Star is known for high-quality timepieces crafted by Japanese artisans since 1951. Up to now, it continues to shine and innovate its technology as well as the design of its beautiful timepieces.

Here’s a closer look at their beautiful and classy limited-edition watch collections!

“Emotional Colours that Connect the World” Inspired by the Sky and Sea

Inspired by the colors of the sky and sea that connect the world, the series includes three new models: Modern Skeleton and Semi Skeleton from the Contemporary Collection, and the smaller Classic Semi Skeleton from the Classic Collection.

Each watch has a vibrant blue dial reminiscent of the sea and sky illuminated by the morning sun and is engraved with a limited-edition serial number on the case back. 

OS0484 AV0122L AT0017L ND0019 AD

Photo: Orient Star

The eye-catching blue dial is inspired by the morning – the start of a new day. The design motif of the beautiful blue sky and sea, illuminated by the sun emerging from the horizon, represents the beginning of a day full of energy. The exquisite vertical gradation from turquoise blue to green symbolises the sky and the sea whose colours are constantly changing from the moment the sun rises.

The sunburst finishing on all three models evoke the sun’s rays, while the rose gold colour used throughout – such as on the hands and Orient Star logo, the indices on Modern Skeleton and Semi Skeleton, and the crown on the Classic Semi Skeleton, symbolises the brightness of the morning sun. 

M34 F7 Semi-Skeleton Models Inspired by the Aurora 

Orient Star has released three new M34 F7 Semi Skeleton models. M34 is the abbreviated name of the star cluster in Perseus, known for its meteor shower. The new models, which have a strong, sharp case shape as a key design feature, exude unparalleled originality with subtly coloured dials that express the dynamic colours of the aurora. 

OS0480 RE BY0004A AD

Photo: Orient Star

The inspiration for this M34 F7 Semi Skeleton, with its mother-of-pearl dial and gradation, is the aurora: the curtain of colourful light floating in the night sky. The sapphire crystal with super anti-reflective (SAR) coating on both sides of the glass provides a clear view of the strong lines and shifting shades of the dial. 

The mother-of-pearl dial with gradation comes in three colours: blue, green, and charcoal grey. The charcoal grey model with a metal bracelet is Semi Skeleton’s 20th anniversary model limited to 500 pieces and comes with an exchangeable calf leather strap (certified by the Leather Working Group*1).

M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase Model with Blue Gradation Dials

Orient Star has released a model from the M45 collection—the M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase. The M45 is an Orient Star collection, named after the star cluster M45 Pleiades, which has fascinated people around the world since ancient times. Continuing the universal design inherited from the original Orient Star, this limited-edition model of 80 pieces, features a striking, blue gradation dial expressing the mystical star cluster that colours the night skies. 

OS0488 RE AY0119L AD H

Photo: Orient Star

The M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase, is named after the M45 Pleiades, known as the Seven Sisters, and refers to the open star cluster of Taurus observed in the eastern skies in early winter. With its white light tinged with blue, it has been used to mark the time and seasons, and its beautiful scenes are mentioned in a passage from the Pillow Book, a collection of essays written in the mid-Heian period more than 1,000 years ago in Japan.

The power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock and the moon phase, date hand and date display at 6 o’clock, are designed in a dual-plate structure. The black Roman numeral indices, which match the colour of the dial’s outer rim, are printed in multiple layers to form exquisite contour and shading, distinguishing them from the background. The vapour-plated blue hour and minute hands blend in with the night sky, while the mirror and hairline finishes add legibility. The gold-coloured accents by the index and power reserve are reminiscent of the stars shining particularly bright in the M45 Pleiades. The case is made of high-quality stainless steel (SUS316L) and set off with deep black plating. 

M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase, Expressing the Japanese Landscape

Orient Star has released a new limited-edition model, the M45 F7 Mechanical Moon Phase, from the M45 collection with mother-of-pearl and a brown gradation dial. The new collection name, M45, refers to the star cluster Pleiades, also known as “Subaru” in Japan. The design elements of the collection are ubiquitous and modest, and the collection consists of universal iconic Orient Star models that express the eternal flow of time with classical designs. 

OS0486 RE AY0121A AD

Photo: Orient Star

The new model, limited to 180 pieces, is based on the same theme, poetically symbolising Lake Tazawa at night as winter approaches. The brown dial, created by combining mother-of-pearl and a gradation that blackens towards the circumference, evokes the surface of the lake at night, while the silvery moon on the moon phase disc represents the moon floating behind the clouds. The distinctive expression woven by the mother-of-pearl is individually unique, evocative of the gentle moonlight illuminating the reflections of the lake as the clock ticks quietly by, and late autumn breeze blowing across the water. The elaborate details, such as the three-dimensional printed Roman numerals, a black ring separating the dial, and the transparent concealed Orient Star “OS mark” printing on the dial, can also be seen clearly through the dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides.