Legit Status 4th Annual Fundraiser: Represent

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When in Manila is full of world-class talent and this is such an event that caters to one, or rather two…or  rather countless talented young Filipino dancers who will join the upcoming World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada on August. Legit Status is a team of hand-picked dancers from different commendable dance groups in Metro Manila. They are one of the pioneers of representing the Philippines in the international dance scene alongside Philippine Allstars. This year, unlike the past two years that they placed 6th and 5th consecutively; they are now more equipped, hyped up and ready to battle — geared towards earning the Championship title. They will be competing in two divisions, Varsity (for ages 18 and under) and Megacrew (any crew with 15-40 members) under Vimi Rivera; coach/choreographer of winning teams such as LSGH Airforce, CSB Romancon and AC Dance Troupe.

He is also a choreographer for the UP Streetdance Club and The Crew who will also be joining them as they battle in the same international dance competition in Megacrew and adult division consecutively.

Let us join them in two nights of pure dance as they showcase their routines in Represent: Legit Status’ 4th Annual Fundraiser event. The first night caters to highlight the Varsity team in Market!Market!’s Activity center on June 16,5pm; while the second night is for the Megacrew team to exhibit their own pieces in Henry Lee Irwin Theatre on July 14,7pm.

When in Manila is indeed full of uprising talents, especially in the world of Streetdance and Hip Hop. Let us support Legit Status as they vie for Championship title!

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