Leaf Kitchen: Discover the Lighter Side of Raw


When in Manila, take the time to take a break from the usual fast food and meals and discover the lighter side of raw with the Leaf Kitchen.




Dahon Kusina  (Leaf Kitchen) is a creative space where raw food preparation workshops and hold lectures is held on wellness and wholeness. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyle to others through advocacy work and in healing the planet.








On August 18-19, 2012 Leaf Kitchen is holding the third of seven weekend world cuisine workshops with the Chi & Qi Energy Food workshop. This 2-day workshop includes a preparation of 14 Chinese and Japanese inspired recipes, an exploration of raw ingredients, recipe demos and hands-on meal preparations and more!








When in Manila, if you seek lightness of spirit and at the same time, wants to make the world greener (Eating green makes the planet greener!), experience how it feels to love raw and live raw. Register to join the Leaf Kitchen workshop today!

 Learn more about this workshop:

Contact Asha Peri at 091786111212 or email leaf.kitchen@yahoo.com

Visit their Facebook page!




Leaf Kitchen: Discover the Lighter Side of Raw



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