Law Student Shares Inspiring Encounter with Jeepney Driver and His Son

Commuting in Manila can be described as many thingsexhausting, annoying, excruciating, infuriating, frustrating. And often times, these feelings all happen at the same time. The streets of Manila can sometimes feel like a battle field in rush hours what with the traffic, the long lines, the trains that keep breaking down, and the worse partthe crimes. And these are things that, sadly, we have just learned to live with.

But here is one word none of us would ever think to describe our everyday commutes in Manila: inspiring. And though inspiring moments are not totally obsolete, they sure are kind of rare these days. This lucky law student encountered one of those rare moments. While riding a jeep one morning on her way to school, a little boy who turned out to be the jeepney driver’s son started chatting her up. And what happened next was kind of magical; something straight out of a wonderful story book.

Here is the full story, as shared on the student’s Facebook page:

Law Student Shares Inspiring Encounter with Jeepney Driver and His Son

“A beautiful encounter, a wonderful reminder.. Worth the read! So, on my way to school, this jeepney driver/father brought his son to work. While reading my codal, the kid looked at me and said.

Bata: Ate ano yan? Bakit madami kulay??
Me: Codal to naka highligth lang. ????
Bata: Para san yan?
Me: Sa pag aaral ng batas.
Bata: Ano ka ba?
Me: Law student haha ????
Bata: ano gagawin mo?
Me: mag aaral hanggang sa makatapos at maging abogado. Para makatulong sa kapwa. (Feeling ms universe pag sagot ko)
Bata: sabi ni Jesus yan daw gawin mo?
Me: Ha?
Bata: si Bro! Yung nasa taas? Si papa Jesus ba nag sabi sayo?
Me: ata? Haha eto yung direction ng buhay ko so siguro oo eto sabi ni Bro ????
Bata: papa! Ako rin gusto ko yan! Gusto ko rin maging abogado!
Tatay: Naku anak! Mahal yan!
Bata: mag bebenta naman ako ng sampaguita pag Linggo tay tapos iipunin ko yun sa lata ko para hindi kana mag jeep.
Tatay: Anak huwag na huwag ka mag benta. Trabaho ni tatay yun. Kung kelangan ko gapangin sige. Pag tyatyagaan ni tatay.
Bata: promise mo pa kay Bro mag aaral rin ako gaya ni ate?
Tatay: Oo anak, promise yan kay Bro.
Bata: Mahal kita pa!
Tatay: Mas mahal kita anak. Upo kana baka malaglag ka.

Tapos ayun, nakalimutan ako haha Pero medjo teary eyed na ako sa likod ???? Moral lesson of this encounter? 1) Mahirap talaga maging magulang, dahil sa bawat araw na nilikha ng Diyos, tanging kapakanan lamang ng anak nila ang iniisip nila hanggang sa huling pag hinga nila. 2) Mag pasalamat sa kung ano ang meron tayo, huwag na mag reklamo sa kung ano nabibigay satin. 3) Our God is amazing! Tho our society is being drowned in the “superficial standard” of the new generation, God is still in the heart of the little ones- Guiding and teaching them to live simply and give generously! 4) Masarap talagang mag-commute minsan. Marami kang matutunan (thanks for the 4the realization Jolo ???? )

Truly God sends you the most unexpected life visitors. Thank you, Bro! ???? Sa lahat ng magulang at sa lahat ng nag tatrabaho, maging para sa pamilya o para sa sarili, God bless po, and maraming salamat”

The law student asked to remain anonymous. “I don’t deserve to be credited,” she told us. Which makes her deserve it all the more.

If you’ve ever encountered a similar inspiring story in Manila and beyond, we’d love to hear about it. Let’s share more stories about kindness and love that go unnoticed. They deserve to be heard. Email us at and write “A GOOD WORLD” in the subject line. We’ll be waiting for your submissions. 🙂

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