Lavish and Spectacular! “WICKED The Musical” 2016 in Review

WICKED The Musical (International Tour-Singapore) has a lot to offer on its plate. From its lavish costumes and spectacular production, it did not forget to remind its audience that the call of Wicked is its heart. The musical, as you would expect, is about the journey of two characters, Glinda and Elphaba, as they enter the mysterious world of Oz. Their friendship was put to the test and the show has its twists and turns that made it entirely entertaining. Its story has been interwoven with the Wizard of Oz. However, WICKED found its own niche. WICKED The Musical is guaranteed to give you cries and laughter you’ll unlikely to forget especially those who have experienced being “friendzoned.”




The show kicks off with Glinda The Good Witch (Carly Anderson) floating on stage, housed in a gigantic bubble. It sets the tone for the entire musical as it’s really magical! The entire production is glamorous in every aspectthe intricate costume design, to the seamless set pacing. Overall, watching it was pure ecstasy.

You’ll also enjoy Glinda’s Reese Weetherspoon innuendo, her infectious hair toss, but you just simply won’t miss her unique voice quality. One might wonder how can she effortlessly transform her voice from that spoiled brat mode to a Frozen-like smooth tempo?


Elphaba The Wicked Witch of The West (Jacqueline Hughes), on the other hand, is a force to reckon with. A lady who’s agile on stage, with a voice so powerful it brings the house down. Being born green and constantly bullied, you can feel her anger, power, her battle with accepting her own identity, and to bravely fighting for love with the way she delivers every song on stage.

Elphaba or Hughes belting out those butt-kicking notes gave us goosebumps all throughout the night. The ballad Defying Gravity is and will always be the talk of the town. WICKED has perfected this in so many ways and with Hughes voice soaring high, you’ll give yourself a pat on the back for getting that wicked ticket.



WICKED The Musical is a genuinely exhilarating magical feel-good show, showcasing stunning set design & costumes with a talented international cast to boot.  Do catch it when they hit Manila in 2017!



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