LOOK: This Laptop Stand is So Thin, You Won’t Even Notice It’s There

I’ve been working at home for more than a decade now – usually from the comfort of my bed, if I’m being honest. However, when quarantine started, I knew I had to become extra productive. That’s when I started creating a workspace on our dining table. Since I didn’t have a laptop stand at the time, I created a makeshift one with an egg carton – an idea that my daughter picked up on YouTube.

MOFT Laptop Stand 4

It worked pretty fine, to be honest. It stopped my laptop from heating up and was at the right eye level. However, the longer I worked on it, the more it took a toll on my wrists. (Also: it wasn’t very ~aesthetic~.)

After searching far and wide for a new laptop stand, I came across what I felt was the perfect fit for me: the MOFT Laptop Stand. What makes it perfect? Several things:

It is easy to stick on and remove.

The MOFT laptop stand has an adhesive sticker that you just remove, and then you can stick it onto the bottom of your laptop. Easy peasy! It’s easy to remove, too, in case you need to clean your laptop or, in my case, my laptop case.

MOFT Laptop Stand 2

There are several colors to choose from, too: Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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You can’t even tell it’s there.

In case you don’t need your laptop to “stand”, you can simply unfold it and leave it on your laptop without any hassle or inconvenience. It is so thin, it’s like it’s not even there. And it only weighs 3oz! Since MOFT believes that ‘good design is invisible’, they have created the laptop stand to be practically unseen when it’s attached and unnoticed when it’s carried.

MOFT Laptop Stand 3

Look. At. How. Thin. It. Is. (It’s only 1/9″ thick!)

This convenient feature also ensures that you don’t misplace your laptop stand anywhere or forget to take it with you when you go out to work. It acts as a natural and seamless appendage of your gadget. Even when you set it up and work on it, it won’t feel like there’s a laptop stand there at all.

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It is strong and stable.

MOFT Laptop Stand 1

Despite being lightweight, the MOFT Laptop Stand is made with special PU and fiberglass material, so it can actually hold laptops up to 18lbs and up to 15.6″. The built-in magnets allow you to unfold the laptop stand quickly and securely attach it to a flat surface, as well. It also conveniently attaches and detaches from your laptop without leaving a single mark or scratch. This means that you can reattach it again and again without comprising on its strength, effectiveness and sensitivity.

It promotes healthy posture.

MOFT Laptop Stand 5

The MOFT Laptop Stand is equipped with two elevation adjustments, so you can easily find your ideal height and posture. If you’re sitting down, the high setting would be perfect. If you’re standing, on the other hand, the low setting would be best. This flexibility helps prevent neck and shoulder pain while looking at the screen.

It’s affordable.

The best part is that you can get this laptop stand without burning a hole in your wallet. Originally only Php1,650 to begin with, you can get it at Urban Traveller Co. now on sale for only Php1,499. Read more about it here.

There is a non-adhesive one, too, in case you want to share your laptop stand or use it for multiple laptops or gadgets. Check out the Universal Edition here. There’s even one for phones that doubles as a wallet and can hold up to three cards. Amazing! Check it out here.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a new laptop stand, this is definitely the one you should get. It’s well worth the investment and I am loving every moment of working on mine. I’m sure you will, too!

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