Lagu Beach Blankets: The World’s First Sand-Free Beach Blankets!

Going to the beach? Consider Lagu Beach Blankets as your next beach buddy!

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No matter what we do, whenever we go on trips to the beach, all that pesky sand gets everywhere! From our swimsuits, to our slippers, and even on our beach towels, which we’re so quick to wash off the moment we step inside our hotels. But what we don’t realize is that what we consider as a petty nuisance, is actually something that harms our beaches in the long run!

Lagu Montemar

An average beach-goer takes away about 170 grams or almost 3 handfuls of sand, which collectively, plays a role in the depletion of sand on our favorite beaches. While that may seem small to you, think about it: How many people actually hit the beach every summer, let alone all year-round? Just try to put together that number in your head, and imagine all the soft, warm sand we’re taking away from these beautiful beaches.

Lagu is the world’s first beach-friendly beach blanket, and is proudly Philippine-made! Just what is so special about Lagu?

It’s made up of a unique blend of linen that repels sand, even when wet! Just spread it on the beach, lie on it, and then pack up when you leave!

Lagu was created by the local company Antidote, as an effort to save the Philippines’ most precious beaches. 

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No matter what we do, sand just won’t stick to it. This makes Lagu really great for those moments when you just want to sunbathe, without worrying about sand sticking to your blanket!

Lagu can also double as a beach towel, as not only is it sand-repellant, it’s also quick-dry and allergen-free. You don’t have to worry about suddenly breaking into a sneeze fit because of the fabric, and kids can definitely use them too.

We love how several of their designs come in fun, vibrant colors that are perfect for the summer! One look at them is all you need to crave for the warm sand and blue sea by your feet, no matter what time of the year!

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Lagu Beach Blankets in Rosa and Verde

This summer, Lagu releases their limited edition collection, Pintados. This collection features exclusively-printed beige Lagu beach blankets, with print patterns that represent some of the country’s most iconic destinations.

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The Pintados collection is available in 5 designs: Boracay, Manila, Cebu, Palawan, and Bohol.

Lagu 3

We absolutely adore the Boracay design, as its intricate prints really do remind us of the tropical island, and its fine, white sand that feels like cotton beneath our feet.

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Lagu beach bags in Naranja and Celeste

More than just beach blankets, Lagu also offers beach bags, where you can just stash your belongings by the shore, as you enjoy the beautiful water, without worrying whether sand will cling onto your things. Like the blankets, the Lagu beach bags are available in an array of bright, summer-y colors!

The Lagu beach blankets are sold at P999, the beach bags at P499, while the limited edition Pintados collection is at P1099, which is definitely a steal given its quality. Also, a portion of the sales goes to conservation efforts of Philippine beaches, such as Boracay.

Chic AND eco-friendly? Sounds like the best of both worlds to us.

Lagu is available online, and also at Rustan’s, Stoked, Flight 001, The Travel Club, Columbia Sportswear, and in other stores nationwide.



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