La Union’s Camp Avenue Will Make Your Bohemian Dreams Come True

Camp Avenue 10

Tired of keeping up with the hassle and bustle of your city? Or you just simply want to exchange your leathers and heels for a pair of flip-flops? Ready your road trip playlist and head to Taboc, La Union for a fun-filled adventure. Camp Avenue officially opened their awesome place to the public through Bohemian Dreams, a two-day event that made Elyu residents and tourists satisfy their wanderlust.

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Camp Avenue 11

We arrived at the venue earlier than expected for their official opening, so we got the place all to ourselves. Immediately, we were greeted by an enthusiastic staff and were served with our first meal for the day. Honestly, our team was impressed with their friendly and very accommodating staff!

Camp Avenue 14Mr. Renz-Bhil T. Quiros, Camp Avenue General Manager

Camp Avenue’s setup is really laid back and chill, with hammocks hanging near the beach. You can definitely have some quiet time here from the morning till afternoon. Before the night’s event, we explored the San Juan part of Elyu. Camp Avenue is 10-15 minutes away from the surfing capital of Elyu making it accessible for the party goers and food trippers who want to socialize at Urbiztondo. Day 1 of their event schedule was comprised of the official launch, a super senti spoken words poetry night and, of course, a very relaxing acoustic night!

Camp Avenue 17

Camp Avenue 13

Their grand launch was a success with people from Elyu and tourists from different parts of Metro Manila attending the event. We had overflowing drinks that night and we experienced one drink that made us fall in love with Camp Avenue. Want to know the hidden gem?

Camp Avenue 16

Guys, they seriously make one hell of a drink. Their bartenders were super awesome. First, they made us try the bar’s complimentary drink—a juice-like mix with an orange-y flavor that they give out to their campers and, of course, we couldn’t dare not try their house specialties.

They made us two specialty drinks, the Submarie and Castaway. Submarie is definitely a bomb. It has a chili flavor with a hint of sweetness. While the Submarie is H-O-T, we also had the Castaway which reminded me of Baguio and the band Franco’s song.

It has a sweet and magical taste infused with homemade strawberry jam fresh from Baguio! My words can’t describe how awesome this drink is. Camp Avenue’s bartenders are award-winning (in real life btw) and AMAZINGGG!

Camp Avenue 18

Camp Avenue has two bonfire setups for their campers. One is at the campsite and one at their events ground. You will definitely feel like an island girl or boy with their camp setups and fun activities. If you are not up for socializing though, you can definitely stargaze at their peaceful beach, away from the crowd.

Camp Avenue 9

After the super chill night, we woke up with a cool sea breeze gushing through our tents making us ready for our Day 2 activities! We were greeted with the consistently friendly staff and we were off to our pottery lesson at the Red Clay Pagdamilian. We were welcomed by the super happy Kuya Dan who accommodated all our ~*wims*~ and ~*pagiinartes*~. We sincerely enjoyed the pottery lesson, but I realized that it is definitely not for everyone… including me!

Camp Avenue 28

Camp Avenue 26

After the pottery lessons, we just had a quick food trip in San Juan and came back for the ultimate Camp Avenue opening party. They got DJ Jimmy Nocon and one of the hottest DJs in the metro, DJ Jade Hartman. They definitely brought the house down from dusk till dawn as we partied all night long while they spun our hearts out to their beats.

Camp Avenue 32

After partying till dawn, nothing was more rewarding than seeing the sun rise right outside our tents. It gave some calm vibes that relaxed our tired bodies from partying. What sets Camp Avenue apart from all the resorts you can go to in San Juan is its isolated beauty and the people you will meet.

Camp Avenue 12

From their friendly staff to your co-campers, Camp Avenue will give you an avenue to know yourself more and appreciate nature.

Camp Avenue isn’t just a campsite; it is a sanctuary for the wanderers who crave both adventure and tranquility. Being the first and only campsite in La Union, you definitely shouldn’t miss the authentic experience at Camp Avenue.

Camp Avenue