La Mer Collections: Breathtakingly Beautiful Timepieces!

WHEN IN MANILA, “Time [is] an industry. Man divided the world into zones so that transportation could be accurately scheduled. Trains pulled away at precise moments; ships pushed their engines to ensure on-time arrivals. People awoke to clanging alarms. Businesses adhered to “hours of operation.” Every factory had a whistle. Every classroom had a clock.“What time is it?” became one of the world’s most common questions, found on page one of every foreign-language instruction book. What time is it? ¿Qué hora es? Skol’ko syejchas vryemyeni?

While most busy bees consider a watch as a necessary simple machine in order to be on time for their next meeting, for most fashionistas like me, a watch is two things: a device to tell time but most importantly, a beautiful jewelry to invest in.

I’ve always loved beautiful watches. I remember back when I was in the seventh grade, I’d go buy myself a big and bold timepiece for school every time I get a whackload of cash from my parents. But no watch has ever made my heart go thud thud thud like La Mer Collections’.

La Mer Collections is a watch factory that sells some of the most beautiful timepieces in the world. No wonder Hollywood celebs like my favorite 90210 star, Annalynne Mccord rocks La Mer Collections like there’s no tomorrow. Among their long list of beautiful watches, here are some that made it into my lust list.



This simple black watch from La Mer Collections is just simply breathtaking. I love how the stones added a ton of femininity to an otherwise rocker-esque type of watch.



This has got to be one of my favorite watches from La Mer Collections. I love the combination of the studs and the animal print on the leather. This watch is perfect for the edgy fashionistas out there!



Ain’t this watch a beaut? I think I’d want to rock this watch all day long and I know you guys would want to. Classic and sophisticated.




For those who still believe that simplicity is the key, fret no more since La Mer Collections carries classic watches that could serve you through the years without sticking out like a sore thumb like this simple but classic plastic watch.



As soon as I laid my eyes on this exotic beauty, I knew I had to have it. I mean really, this time piece from La Mer Collections definitely made my heart go thud thud thud and I haven’t even had my third cup of coffee yet! I’m thinking the fab Rachel Zoe would kill for this exotic beauty of a timepiece.

So if you’re looking to invest in a new timepiece that is still edgy and fashionable, check out La Mer Collections for time pieces that are just to die for WHEN IN MANILA!

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La Mer Collections: Breathtakingly Beautiful Timepieces!



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