Kris Aquino continues to fiercely stand up for Bimby and she’s just #MomGoals right now

Kris Aquino and her family have been in the limelight and splashed on front pages for ages. People have spent many hours just finding her faults and drawing them out for the sake of entertainment. She has even been the cause of many a meme, sprouting up around the internet for weeks on end.

But she deals, as she always has, and moves on.

While she can usually deal with screenshots of her taken out of context or people poking fun at her, she definitely cannot stand it when people target her sons. I must admit that I wasn’t that big a fan until recently when I saw how dedicated she was to her children. And the more I saw her praising them or defending them, the more I found I admired her for it.

Every time someone attacked or poked fun at her kids, she was the first to defend them. She would be up in arms within seconds. To see Kris so passionate about raising her kids and protecting them is very touching. From praising them endlessly when they get good grades or do good things to taking down trolls when they cross the line, Mommy Kris is definitely mom goals right now.

Say what you want about Kris Aquino but we cannot deny her dedication to her children and to making sure they are loved, safe, and growing to be stronger every day. There is definitely love there! Kris Aquino gushing about her kids is definitely my #BigMood.

Do you think Kris is a great mom? Let us know!