Kisses Delavin Reveals True Reason Why She Won’t Be Leaving Showbiz

After denying rumors that she will be leaving the showbiz industry on her interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Kisses Delavin has revealed the true reason why she chose to stay: her fans.

The young actress penned a long and heartfelt letter addressed to her fans thanking them for their being there for her in the past couple of years.


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“This is the perfect time to say this. Thanks to all my supporters, I enjoyed every moment and cherished every show, shooting/taping I had. I wanted to thank each one of my supporters whenever I get the chance, knowing that I’ll exit the industry soon, as I and my parents agreed that I stay in showbiz for two years only,” she began.

“Dearest supporters, there are billions of people in the world but you chanced upon me and chose to be present in my show, wrote me letters, watched me on the big screen, listened to my songs and my hinaings, laughed with me, cried with me and supported me every step of the way as I navigated through this chaotic world of showbiz,” she continued.

She shared the first time she experienced the support of her loyal fanbase.

“I remember the first big event na nakita ko kayo in real life, it was during my 18th birthday, organized by you all for me, I was in total shock that there exists such love and that I was able to experience it in this lifetime. But what struck me the most is how you managed to still be standing strong, tirelessly, stronger each time, after everything we have been through. And we’ve been through a lot,” she said.

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She then admitted that it was her fans who convinced her to stay in showbiz even though she was ready to leave soon. “It would’ve been easy for me to leave this industry, because it would not crumble if one leaves. It would remain just as it is. But you never made it easy for me.”

“You celebrated my successes like it were yours or your family’s. The success was yours and mine after all,” she added. “Every prayer you said for me, every love you gave me, leaving at this point would throw away every piece of everything you built for me.”

“I know I have other dreams too, but now I realized that one of my dreams was for you to be happy too. You stayed and are feverishly fighting for me, every day, you remind me that so should I,” she continued.

She ended her post with sincere gratitude for her fandom and promised to be with them through this new chapter of her life.

“Thanks Kissables for the crazy beautiful ride, I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else but you. I love you. Let’s brace this uncertain future, hold hands, and never let go shall we?” she said.

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