Kingfisher Resort: Home of the Kitesurfers

You might not be aware of this yet, but there is actually a beautiful getaway in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte that’s known to be the perfect spot for a unique sport not undertaken by many: kitesurfing.

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Internationally-known resort Kingfisher is a famous kitesurfing destination primarily because of the big waves and strong winds that the region has to offer. Being at the northern tip of Luzon; the weather condition, azure waters, and scenic views of the mountains are incomparable, making it a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

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Kitesurfing is an exciting water sport that makes use of a kite to propel a person who then maneuvers himself/herself across the sea with the help of wind pressure. It’s a combination of numerous sports such as wakeboarding and surfing, making it a relatively challenging activity.

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As seen in the picture, surfers inflate a huge kite, attach the device around their waist, and let it soar up high to give them the boost needed to let them glide wave after wave. The sport is no joke as it requires patience, upper body strength, and a whole lot of balance. Regardless, it’s a fun recreation that’s bound to become a newfound passion.

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This sport is no joke. If you’re willing to try it out, Kingfisher has globally-competitive instructors that can teach you the art of kitesurfing. Before stepping into the open waters, you’ll be trained on how to properly position your body to avoid falling and how to control the course of the wind at will.

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Exciting, right? Other water activities are available, as well, including stand-up paddling, kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling. As for land sports, you can play volleyball, basketball, foosball, and even giant Jenga!

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Kingfisher is a great avenue for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Outside of the sea, it also makes for a peaceful and serene vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a tropical haven that will allow you to enjoy Mother Nature in the best way possible.

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Kingfisher started off with nipa huts and cottages. They eventually expanded and built several more rooms for a more luxurious stay. The Superior Room is good for two persons and only costs Php3,000 during the low season, Php4,000 during the high season, and Php5,000 during the peak season.

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The Cabana Room is perfect for families and barkadas (4 pax). This spacious cottage has two queen-sized beds. To make it even more fun, a wide-screen TV is available (complete with movies!) for your entertainment.

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Low Season – Php4,000 | High Season – Php5,000 | Peak Season – Php6,000

If you’re feeling more lavish, book the Premier Room at Php10,000 to Php15,000. It costs more because it’s located in front of the infinity pool, has a lounge area, and is just bigger overall compared to the other lodging types.

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What’s nice about Kingfisher is that each room has a nice bathroom setup. Sink, shower rooms, and toilet rooms are separated for each guest’s convenience.

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Note: this is a pet-friendly resort, so feel free to bring your furry buddies! They can play with the dogs there, like Chewy, who loves to hop on motorbikes!

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Kingfisher has an infinity pool straight out of every traveler’s dream, nestled around coconut trees and facing the sea. There is nothing more calming than taking a dip in this swimming area as you bathe under the sun and hear the soothing sound of the waves. It looks even more beautiful at night with the lights on.

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They even have a giant floater that you can borrow!

There are two places at Kingfisher that you can eat at: Kingfisher Restaurant and Chef Angela’s Kitchen.

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Both offer extremely delicious food; the only difference lies in the cuisine that they offer. Kingfisher Restaurant specializes in Filipino comfort food. Given that many foreigner guests say there, this nook best represents our unique cuisine.

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Must-tries are the Almondigas Soup (Php200), Sauteed Bagnet (Php700), and Fresh Buko Juice (Php40).

If you’re a fan of European dishes, Spanish native Chef Angela will whip up appetizing specialties for you. Meals start at Php250 and you can order drinks for a nightcap, as well.

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There’s no data reception at Kingfisher (except for Globe sim cards which can receive a little signal from time to time), but you can use that to your advantage: disconnect from social media and interact with your companions and other travelers (and pets!) there.

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All of these factors will give you a vacation like no other. Go and visit Kingfisher before they become fully booked this summer!


Sitio Aprot, Barangay Caparispisan, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
(airport transfers, car/motorbike/mountain bike rental, and car parking are available upon request)

0927 525 8111