Kinetix Lab: A Fitness Gym With Specialized Equipment, Accredited Coaches, and Own Physiotherapy Center

If you’re searching for a new fitness gym in Metro Manila to go to after work, to do specialized training at, or just to improve your health habits in general, you ought to consider putting Kinetix Lab on your list!

Kinetix Lab, which has been around since 2015, is a fitness training facility geared toward helping you get stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. With a large variety of state-of-the-art equipment, a dedicated area for powerlifting, and a studio for group classes, as well as highly-trained and accredited coaches to assist your workout and its own physiotherapy recovery room, Kinetix Lab proves to offer everything you’ll need to build that inner and outer strength.

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Now, a disclaimer: I have never done a workout at a gym before in my life nor have I ever trained with my own coach. So when I told this to Kinetix Lab Podium, I appreciated how they crafted a personalized training session that was beginner-friendly yet still provided a challenge. Under the guidance of my patient and supportive Coach Mik De Guzman (@mikstheman), I did dumbbell squats and lateral raises and had a go with the gym’s Lat Pull Down Machine, Glute Drive Machine, and Vertical Endless Rope Pull Machine.

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Even though it was just a quick session, I already felt my body getting the jolt it needed after staying at home for too long. But what truly put the cherry on top for me was the assessment room where they introduced to me the Tanita Scale, which is a professional segmental body composition analyzer.

Through the Tanita Scale, I got an automatic printout of all the info I needed to know about my body, such as my BMI, fat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic age, visceral fat rating, and more. I was guided through the interpretation of my analytics and on which data were most important to note and monitor.

The assessment room also featured their Strength Meter, wherein your coach will determine your fitness level based on corresponding tests and do monthly check-ups to see if you’ve improved. Not a lot of gyms locally are known to have this, or so I was told.

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Aside from their equipment and coaching, Kinetix Lab also has its own recovery room by Polarity Physiotherapy Center. What sets Polarity apart from others like them is that they offer exclusive one-on-one physical therapy conducted purely manually by a trained licensed physiotherapist, delivering the quickest and most efficient solutions for musculoskeletal concerns, especially after a tough workout. And if you don’t know, you can book a session with Polarity anytime, even if you aren’t a member of Kinetix Lab or if you just passed by while shopping.

My visit to Kinetix Lab taught me that exercise is not just about slimming down or shedding pounds but is rather about improving your strength and endurance to do even the simplest of daily activities, such as carrying groceries or walking your pets outdoors, without struggling or getting too tired. In fact, they often feature the stories of their clients regarding their “journey to strength” with Kinetix Lab on their YouTube channel to inspire others that a healthier, more empowering life is possible once they choose to do the work. The coaches all being Sports Science graduates also proved to me that all their clients are in great, capable hands.

Eager to try Kinetix Lab? They offer complimentary coaching for first-timers which you can sign up for online or when you visit its branches in Podium Mall, Ortigas, Strong Stuff Training Hall, or UP Town Center, Quezon City.

Membership is priced at PHP 18,000 for 6 months or PHP 33,000 for 12 months, while Personal Training will cost PHP 1,500 for a single session, PHP 14,400 for 12 sessions, PHP 26,400 for 24 sessions, and PHP 36,000 for 36 sessions. Booking at the Recovery Room for non-members is priced at PHP 2,500 for a single session, PHP 12,000 for 6 sessions, PHP 21,000 for 12 sessions, and PHP 24,000 for 24 sessions, with discounted rates if you’re a gym member.

Kinetix Lab

UP Town Center: 88053066,  +63 969 097 3838
Podium: 82942089, +63 961 252 1830
Strong Stuff Training Hall: +63 917 799 2700

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