Kim So-Hyun Shares Who She Would Have Chosen in “Love Alarm”

If you’re a fan of ‘Love Alarm’ and have finished Season 2, you are probably brimming with a ton of feelings right now. I was able to watch Season 2 prior to the Netflix release and was even able to interview the cast members via Zoom. Obviously, with all of those feelings after Season 2 (I’m on Team Sun-oh, by the way lol), I just had to ask Kim So-hyun, who plays Jojo in the show, who she would have chosen in real life.

Love Alarm Cast 1

Photo from Netflix

So-hyun started by saying, “That’s a very difficult question, especially because I constantly picked Hye-yeong before and it’s very hard for me to go back on my words… but today, I would choose Sun-oh.” So-hyun explains her decision by pointing out that Sun-oh is a very enthusiastic and passionate person; and although he can seem proud and condescending sometimes, he is actually a committed, devoted, and considerate person when it comes to love. “Since he’s so devoted to love, if I end up with Sun-oh, we could fall in love very passionately,” she adds.

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