Kim Chiu To Get Her Own Gold YouTube Play Button

Kim Chiu first started vlogging back in 2017. Her first upload was a video of herself skydiving in Niagara Falls. In just 2 years she’s been able to grow her channel to the 1 million subscribers she’s recently reached! 

Kim posted early on September 13 a countdown on her Instagram story indicating that she was only a few hundred YouTube subscribers away from 1 million. Some hours later she shared on her IG stories again that she had reached the 1 million mark, meaning she’ll soon be receiving a Gold YouTube Play Button! 

In celebration of the achievement, Kim posted a short clip on her Instagram account showing her candid reaction to the news: 

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Later that same day Kim had a live YouTube party to honor the milestone: 

(Kim Chiu Rushes to Xian Lim After Winning Volleyball Game)

There was also a simple recap video posted on her channel, collecting snippets from past vlogs in commemoration of her 2 years on the social media platform. Kim included a quick message of gratitude, saying “I just want to thank all of you for the support and all the love.”

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