A Kid-Friendly Search Engine Tool That Will Help Parents Filter Their Children’s Browsing Activities

In this day and age, we must accept our children’s way of researching for their assignments and projects are by “googling” it. They no longer need the heavy and thick encyclopedias our parents bought for us. Everything has been changed. Our world is now a web-centric place, where everything is all about “convenience.”

Almost all information we need is available on the Internet.

google is your friend

Oftentimes, we jokingly respond to someone looking for answers: “i-Google mo.” (You “Google” it)

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The information we put out there can be easily hacked despite the security settings we have set on different platforms. Moreover, the materials we need are ready and always available.

That being said, parents –including myself – became worried about my children’s safety online. Admittedly, I’ve read a lot of articles on how to be diligent but obviously, kids are smarter now.

Luckily, every time I check their browsing history, I don’t see any derogatory nor misspelt words like “boobs” or “sex.” THANK GOD!!

But, yeah, if we let our kids stop from using the Internet just because we are scared of them finding out these things, we hold them back from being diverse. Most importantly, we push them to be illiterate.

As luck would have it, a “child-friendly” search engine tool has been recently launched called

Kiddle search engine

This photo has been used by several publications such as

What is

According to their website ( is a visual search engine tool specifically made for kids. Moreover, it is powered by the editors and Google safe search.

Is it associated with Google?

The launching of has brought confusion to many. According to, is a “Google Custom Search Bar” embedded within the website to filter out materials that are intended for adults words. Therefore, it is not owned by Google and is not officially affiliated with them.

Furthermore, the article stated that there are several materials and content banned on the web-based tool like Pamela Anderson.(thank God, my kids don’t know her!)

Being an excited mum, I tried it myself to see if it works:

So, I “kiddled” toy story, rabbit, dogs, and Miley Cyrus. Yes, I needed to make sure my kids won’t see twerking, etc.

It looks like the engine tool only gave wholesome responses about Miley, which I think is brilliant!

As you can see, the search engine is indeed kid-friendly as it didn’t give explicit results, especially to my search about Miley Cyrus.

What happens if my child types in unpleasant words like “boobs” or “penis”?

Amazingly, it won’t give you any results.

kiddled co

As seen in their privacy statement:

We do not collect any personally identifiable information and do not require any registration to use our search service.

Our server logs are deleted every 24 hours.

Personally, I am delighted and interested in learning more about educating my children. So far, I am satisfied with this new tool.

However, keeping it real, parenting isn’t easy. While I agree that this search engine tool is kid-friendly, we can only guide our children as far as our eyes can see. I am, however, thankful for companies that make our parenting lives easier.

Honestly, we cannot escape the digital world anymore. We cannot stop them, as well as, our children to emerge and innovate as they are heading towards that journey.

We can only guide, express unconditional love, and nurture them, so they won’t grow up confused.

Have you tried this tool yet? Tell us your thoughts about this newly launched tool in the comment section below.