Keep Fit and Fabulous with Circuit Training at Curves Philippines



When In Manila, having your gym workouts with your girl friends doesn’t have to take a bulk of your time. Instead of the usual gym workouts, why not give circuit training at Curves Philippines a shot?


I took at shot of going to the gym since I am now on the heavier side, if I may say so. My sedentary lifestyle since I started working has taken a toll on my body and I wanted to take action and get back in shape again! Well, the hard thing with my work is that the schedule is not fixed and over time is almost a daily routine so I needed to have a workout that doesn’t eat up much time.


I’ve been reading about circuit training around the web for some time and I really thought it was the one for me. Not glued to one gym equipment, fast-paced, and finished in a matter of 30 minutes!

Curves Circuit Gym Membership Card

My Curves Gym membership card (which has a chip to track gym visits) and Curves Gym Circuit with Zumba Card. My tickets to a healthier body! 



I went to Curves Gym for the first time last May 21, 2012 together with another senior writer here at When In Manila, Marita Galvez.  I’ve been seeing some photos of circuit training over the internet and I didn’t really know what to expect with Curves Gym.

Curves Circuit Gym facade

Entrance to the world of fitness 

I loved the interiors of Curves Gym! It was in a pallete of pink and purple. They also had Curves merchandise and make-up that were sold there.

Curves Circuit Gym interior

Very cute interiors! 

When we met our trainer for the day, the first thing she asked us was to fill out some forms for evaluation. Well, we all do not take time to really evaluate our health and weight conditions so this was perfect for me.  

Curves Circuit Gym form

Well, we gotta be honest so we can get a right evaluation! 

The trainer also asked us questions after we fill out the forms and also gave us tips for a healthier lifestyle.  She also told us that the ideal gym visits we should make at Curves every week would be three times a week that is every other day. As much as we want to exercise everyday to burn fat, our muscles need a rest too. 

Curves Circuit Gym equipment

 The Curves Gym Circuit Training equipment



As I was looking at the equipment of Curves and the women working out, they seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. It looked like it was just such a breeze to exercise. I was excited to give it a shot and when I did, I realized I was mistaken. It was hard! (Well, for me because it’s been a while since I last exercised). 

Curves Gym Cindy

Curves Gym Training

Good thing there was a trainer to guide us at all the equipment. After a few more visits at Curves Gym, I finally got the hang of it. Plus the music that was being played is so upbeat it makes me wanna dance! A voice over instructs the people when to move to the next station and also when to check their pulse rate.



Curves Circuit Gym instructions

There are helpful guides at the walls for first-timers on how to use the Curves Gym equipment 



Curves Circuit Gym water area

There’s a little water bottle station in the corner so you can take water breaks in between. 



 Curves Circuit Gym equipment

 Cool down station

After about two or three rounds at the stations, the next step is the cool down station. There are stretches which you do here that target different muscles in the body. I love this part because it relaxes my muscles and you could really feel the tension while stretching.




Curves Circuit Gym love notes

Lots of love from the Curves Gym girlfriends! 



Curves Circuit Gym love notes

Love, love, love! 



Love notes are also plastered at one side of the Curves workout area. It’s a whole wall of love, satisfaction, gratitude, and support from previous and current members of the Curves Gym.  Really sweet and enjoyable to read.




Curves Circuit Gym shirts

You get to have a limited edition Curves Gym achievement shirt on your 100th and 200th visit! 



And of course, aside from losing weight and keeping fit, Curves Gym gives a reward to the hardworking women who persistently sweat it out at the gym. On a member’s 100th and 200th visit,  she will get a limited edition achievement shirt! When I go to the gym some times, I get to work out with women wearing these shirts. And you can really see why they wore it. They had smashing bodies to boot!




Curves Circuit Gym poster




Curves Circuit Gym poster

 The wall adornments will  keep you going on that workout



Well, during my last visit at the Curves Gym, I saw this posted at the wall:



Curves Circuit Gym Food Drive



It was actually about the Annual Curves Gym Food Drive! Curves locations across the globe are participating for this wonderful cause of getting women together to help those in need.



From June 4 – June 30, Curves Gym Serendra will be accepting non-perishable items and donations for its selected charitable institutions. The members who donate a bag of groceries or goods will get a free Curves Gym product for free. As for non-members who will donate, your Curves Gym membership will be for free!  



Curves Gym Food Drive Flyer




I really have to say that for a first-time gym goer like me, Curves Gym was the perfect way to get back on track to fitness! The friendly staff were always ready to assist in my needs and answer my questions. The facilities are very clean. It’s easy to go to since it’s just a bus ride away from Ayala Avenue. And I got to have fun and meet new girl friends while exercising!



So When In Manila and looking for a place where you and your girlfriends can work out to achieve a fit body, Curves Philippines is the place to go!



2/F Serendra McKinley Parkway Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig, Philippines 
Keep Fit and Fabulous with Circuit Training at Curves Philippines

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