Kawhi Leonard Endorsing Filipino Politician Jejomar Binay?

Word on the Internet told us that Kawhi Leonard is endorsing Jejomar Binay. What? What?!??

Kawhi Leonard Jejomar Binay

But then we found this:

Kawhi Leonard Jejomar Binay

Many citizens were quick to ask whether or not Kawhi Leonard is this guy’s real name or if the politician’s camp just grabbed random photos and random names online. Some people have pointed out that the name “Kawhi Leonard” isn’t really a typical Filipino name. Others also cite that the NBA player named Kawhi Leonard just gained popularity in recent years, making a fan-naming-his-kid Kawhi Leonard unlikely. We tried to find this Kawhi Leonard, but have been unable to locate him ourselves.

What do you think of this? Do you think a there really is a Pinoy Kawhi Leonard in our midst?

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