Kate Middleton has a “Royal Hack” to Keep Her Tights & Shoes from Slipping

Kate Middleton has been making a statement ever since she became part of the royal family. And yes, even the Duchess of Cambridge needs a whole bunch of careful planning and a few hacks to keep everything 100% okay.

Want to know her spotless trick? She puts a sticky pad on the bottom of her tights so that her feet won’t (ever) slip off her shoes. Now, who would have thought that someone like the Duchess, will ever think of that hack?

Kate Middleton 2

Photo from womanmagazine.co.uk

As per The Sun, it was reported that Kate was spotted wearing John Lewis tights that have built-in sticky pads to prevent slipping and sliding – which I think every girl who has ever worn tights will know the struggle.

Kate Middleton 3

Photo from goodhousekeeping.com

Since every woman in the royal family is pretty much required to wear tights, we’re super sure that Kate has probably shared this hack with her sister-in-law, Megan Markle.

Now, better make sure to take note of this trick. Also, share with us your thoughts on this chic hack!